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Club Championships

Listed below are the tee times for the first round of the Club Championships Satrday 19th October.

Good Golfing.


Time Name Name Name Name
9.30 Ricky Wright Jim Miley Tim Bond  
9.40 Rod Smith Alison Smith Mike Woolveridge  
9.50 Leza Thorton Mat Gall Keith Breheny Val Kemp
10.00 Mal Sinclair Max Hall Jan Darke Kathy Dance
10.10 Ray Dart Jim Morris Steve Dart Alvin Douglas
10.20 Paul Nunn Len Evans Murray Lethborg Jack Hardcastle
10.30 Jayden Coleman Raymond Flynn Ian Wallace Gavin Todd
10.40 Byron Anderson Sally Siepen Lyn Lyne Rick Dance

Newsletter 9th July 2019

It is with sadness, resignations have been received from committee members Pat Hardcastle and Louise McKenna

Pat has advised she and Jack will be away from the club for some considerable time over the next 2 years and feels it would be inappropriate to occupy a position on the committee and keep a productive person from being involved.

As most will know, Louise and John are relocating to Launceston, although they will continue to be members of the club. Louise feels the commitment to attend meetings would be too arduous.

I am sure I speak for all members in offering both Pat and Louise our sincere thanks for all their contributions, not just for this year, but all their efforts in the past.

Two positions now exist as committee members on the General Committee.

If you are interested or wish to ask any questions, please advise the Secretary or any Member of the Committee before the 1st of August.

Newsletter 1st June 2019

The following is the draw for the June Long Weekend

Saturday 8th June

8.00       R. Wright, M. Skelly, J. Miley

8.07       D. Down, Max Hall, P. Nunn,

8.14        C. Weeding D. Williams, S. Kenny, Mark Hall

8.21        J. Quinn, G. Woods, M. Woods, M. Sinclair

8.28       K. Dance, J. Darke, L. Lyne, L. McKenna

8.35       J. Winspear, S. Seipen, P. Hardcastle, V. Kemp

8.42       L. Thorton, A. Blythe, A. Keogh, S. Sheppard

10.50     N. Williams, G. Williams, R. Curran, S. Wright

10.57     D. Taylor, N. Sculthorpe, C. Smithurst, J. Sheppard

11.04     D. McPherson, M. McPherson, C. McPherson, M. Freeman

11.11     J. Morris, R. Dart, R. Brokate, D. Doyle

11.18      N. Free, D. Brugeaud, G. Quarrell, B. Sakley

11.25       T. Bond, R. Dance, J. Hardcastle, S. Dart

Sunday 9th June

8.30       S. Dart & R. Dart      S. Kenny & C. Weeding

8.40       J. Miley & R. Brokate   P. Nunn & J. Hardcastle

8.50       R. Wright & M. Hall     D. McPherson & M. Freeman

9.00      N. Williams & G. Williams    C. McPherson & M McPherson

9.10       N. Sculthorpe & N. Free      G. Quarrell & B. Skaley

9.20       T. Bond & J. Plunket         R, Curran & S. Wright

9.30       M. Hall & M. Sinclair         J.Quinn & G. Woods

9.40      D. Williams & C. Howell   D. Brugeaud & M. Skelly

9.50      L. McKenna & P. Hardcastle   L. Bond & S. Fletcher

10.00    L.Thorton & A. Blythe           A. Keogh & D. Taylor

10.10   V. Kemp & A. Barden          K. Dance & J. Darke

10.20   R. Dance & B. Skeggs         C. Smithurst & T. Sheppard

Monday Canadian Mixed Foursomes Will Be 9.30 For 10.00 Shot Gun Start

News Update

Update 23 May 2019

If you have been around the club in the past couple of weeks, you will have noticed a few changes have been made to the course.

13 tree stumps have been ground into the dirt removing unnecessary and unsightly obstacles. The bush to the right hand side of the 3rd green has been removed and the bunker extended. This action has improved the visual aspect of the first hole from the tee and made the 3rd hole play a little different without altering the challenge.

In recent weeks, roots have been removed from the 3rd and 9th fairway and from the left hand side of the 8th green. This action will stop encroachment on to the 8th green and reduce the amount of water being drained by the trees. Additionally, this activity will improve lies and safety to golfers as well as remove obstacles to our mowers which suffer damage to their cutting blades from protruding roots.