Newsletter - September 2016

Swansea Golf Club Members newsletter September 2016

Fellow Members,

Welcome to the first newsletter featuring items of interest about your club and its’ activities. You will be advised of any approved capital works and expenditure. These will hopefully improve your golfing experience and the facilities that your membership and continued support entitle you to receive.

In this issue we will provide you with an insight to how your membership fees are distributed and the big ticket items that along with other club income eg; sponsorships, donations and bar takings aid in successfully providing the best club facility possible.

We currently have 110 paid up members, (includes life members). Approximately half of your dues are redirected to Golf Australia in Capitation fees and towards our annual insurance bill. This leaves us around $15000 to provide and maintain the clubhouse and course quality to the best standard for the comfort and appreciation of all members and visitors.

We recently purchased a new mower at a cost of $16000 for Peter and Malcolm to continue with their excellent course preparation.

We have purchased noise reduction panels to be placed on the ceiling of the clubhouse at a cost of $1750.

You can see now that this year’s membership monies received are exhausted. So where is other income generated to continue providing a service?

Our competition fees and visitor green fees are very welcome.

The $5 entry fee each Saturday, the chicken runs, bar sales, and any other form of “player” income, helps immensely in balancing the budget.

Competition donations and/or prizes from businesses are a huge bonus. So please continue to support those businesses in any way you can.

PS: Other expenditure this year to date, includes course maintenance (water, fertilizer, machinery repairs) $13500:        

The clubrooms are used by a variety of local community organisations.

Qigong and Exercise Class on Mondays

Swansea Probus Club 2nd Tuesday monthly

Swansea Craft group Fridays


We welcome the above, and any other group wishing to enquire may contact the Secretary.

Player safety and comfort

The committee has agreed to reinvestigate with vigour the change to the sixth hole. We have received concerns from players of the near misses on the second green from players hitting off the sixth tee; and it must be said, also from play on the sixth tee by those hitting up the fifth. As much as we stress the importance of following the local rules and being vigilant of player safety, there will be the odd occasion where people will forget, we are only human after all. If you have any questions in regard to this, ask Chris.    

Player profile   Captain John

How long have you been involved or played golf?

“I hit a ball around for many years but I took it up more seriously 8 years ago.”

How have you found the role of Captain at Swansea?

“very rewarding. I would like to think that I have made a positive contribution to the club, and I am sure the club is on the right road to continued success”

What is your most memorable achievement?

“any time I meet the challenge of actually nearing my handicap. Louise is the better golfer and she only picked up a club a few years back. Comes down to temperament I guess. But my biggest achievement is being a Geelong supporter, Go the Cats”

What is it at the Swansea Golf Club that brings you most satisfaction?

“The social aspect. It is a very friendly club with a great bunch of members”.    

Thanks John. Happy golfing.

Finally, our club runs well due to the great work performed by dedicated volunteers, members and friends. For that we are eternally grateful. The club is in a strong operational and financial position.

PS: If you have some feedback on the newsletter, whether positive or constructive, please talk to Chris Howell and we will work to improve.

Cheers for now