Newsletter 1st June 2019

The following is the draw for the June Long Weekend

Saturday 8th June

8.00       R. Wright, M. Skelly, J. Miley

8.07       D. Down, Max Hall, P. Nunn,

8.14        C. Weeding D. Williams, S. Kenny, Mark Hall

8.21        J. Quinn, G. Woods, M. Woods, M. Sinclair

8.28       K. Dance, J. Darke, L. Lyne, L. McKenna

8.35       J. Winspear, S. Seipen, P. Hardcastle, V. Kemp

8.42       L. Thorton, A. Blythe, A. Keogh, S. Sheppard

10.50     N. Williams, G. Williams, R. Curran, S. Wright

10.57     D. Taylor, N. Sculthorpe, C. Smithurst, J. Sheppard

11.04     D. McPherson, M. McPherson, C. McPherson, M. Freeman

11.11     J. Morris, R. Dart, R. Brokate, D. Doyle

11.18      N. Free, D. Brugeaud, G. Quarrell, B. Sakley

11.25       T. Bond, R. Dance, J. Hardcastle, S. Dart

Sunday 9th June

8.30       S. Dart & R. Dart      S. Kenny & C. Weeding

8.40       J. Miley & R. Brokate   P. Nunn & J. Hardcastle

8.50       R. Wright & M. Hall     D. McPherson & M. Freeman

9.00      N. Williams & G. Williams    C. McPherson & M McPherson

9.10       N. Sculthorpe & N. Free      G. Quarrell & B. Skaley

9.20       T. Bond & J. Plunket         R, Curran & S. Wright

9.30       M. Hall & M. Sinclair         J.Quinn & G. Woods

9.40      D. Williams & C. Howell   D. Brugeaud & M. Skelly

9.50      L. McKenna & P. Hardcastle   L. Bond & S. Fletcher

10.00    L.Thorton & A. Blythe           A. Keogh & D. Taylor

10.10   V. Kemp & A. Barden          K. Dance & J. Darke

10.20   R. Dance & B. Skeggs         C. Smithurst & T. Sheppard

Monday Canadian Mixed Foursomes Will Be 9.30 For 10.00 Shot Gun Start

News Update

Update 23 May 2019

If you have been around the club in the past couple of weeks, you will have noticed a few changes have been made to the course.

13 tree stumps have been ground into the dirt removing unnecessary and unsightly obstacles. The bush to the right hand side of the 3rd green has been removed and the bunker extended. This action has improved the visual aspect of the first hole from the tee and made the 3rd hole play a little different without altering the challenge.

In recent weeks, roots have been removed from the 3rd and 9th fairway and from the left hand side of the 8th green. This action will stop encroachment on to the 8th green and reduce the amount of water being drained by the trees. Additionally, this activity will improve lies and safety to golfers as well as remove obstacles to our mowers which suffer damage to their cutting blades from protruding roots.




Swansea Golf Club June 2018 Long Weekend Tee times

Sat 9th. Mens Stroke

8.40 J.Miley. S.Kenny. A.Douglas.Jon Whelor

8.50 R.Dart. J.MorrisC.Weeding

9.00 R.Wright. Mark Hall. S.Dart. N.Sculthorpe

9.10 G.Williams. Max Hall. E.Radditz. N.Williams.

9.20 S.Wright. R.Curran. S.Longey D.Down

9.30 G.Woods. J.Quinn. M.Woods. P.Nunn.

9.40 M.Skelly. J.Hardcastle.S.Read. P.Richards.

9.50 D.Doyle. Jye Read. G.Leedham. Jordan Read.

11.20. R.Barwick. B.Anderson. T.Hamilton. S.Dell.

11.30. M.FreemanD.Williams. M.Leedham. Paul Read.

11.40 P.Rolle. D.Rainbird. G.Read R.Dance.

11.50 D.McPherson. C.McPherson. E.Saville. M.McPherson

12.00 T.Bond. B.Sackley. S.Moore. G.Quarrell.

Ladies Canadian  

12.20. D.Taylor – A.M.Keogh. S.Siepen – A Donaldson

12.30. L.Mckenna – P.Hardcastle.   K.Dance – J.Darke

Sun 10th   Ladies Stroke

9.00. S.Siepen. P.Hardcastle.

9.10 J.Darke. A.M.Keogh

9.20. K.Dance. D.Taylor. L.Mckenna

Mens Canadian Foursomes.

11.20. R & S Dart. D.Down – J.Miley

11.30  R.Dance – M.Skelly. G & N Williams

11.40 N.Sculthorpe – N.Free. T.Hamilton –S.Dell.

11.50. D.Doyle – P.Hugo   R.Curran – S.Wright

12.00 R.Wright – MarkHall   M.Freeman – P.Read

12.10 J.Hardcastle – Max Hall B.Sackley – G.Quarrell

12.20 D.McPherson – E.Saville P.Richards – S.Read

12.30 C & M McPhersonB.Anderson – R.Barwick

12.40 S.Kenny – C.Weeding G.Woods – J.Quinn

12.50 T.Bond – S.Moore M.Leedham – J.Read G.Leedham – J.Read

Mon 11th Mixed foursomes. 9.00AM meet at club - Draw to be made for shotgun start. Tee off around 9.45 – Late entries will be accepted on the day, just roll up.

Newsletter - March 2017

Swansea Golf Club Members newsletter March 2017

Fellow Members,

This is the second newsletter for members.If you wish for a copy of the first edition, please ask Captain Chris.

Annual General Meeting: 24 02 2017

We thank those members who attended the AGM.

The annual reports and returns were tabled and indicated that the Club is in a sound position. This was highlighted by the message from our Auditor, noting growth in trade and above average consistency of overall figures.

Members at the meeting congratulated the outgoing committee on yet another successful year.

The incoming committee, albeit similar personnel, with Steve Kenny also appointed, agreed to commit to continue forward growth and welcome member’s thoughts and ideas in writing for tabling that may assist achieve results.

The first meeting

The new committee on 14 03 2017 discussed a few items which were felt would make a positive addition, and benefit the Club, members and community.

1/ the formation of a Social committee to explore, assess and enhance the use of the facilities for members and their guests. If you are interested, we are looking for 2 or 3 members to work with a committee member, please talk with Paul Morris and John McKenna.

2/we have a small band of volunteers willing to learn and assist Malcolm and Peter with the day to day maintenance of the course, and if you have the capacity or time, we are sure you can be accommodated. This is extra to the already 3rd Tuesday working bees. Talk to Malcolm and Peter.

3/it was suggested that we introduce a Safety Officer. A committee member would be responsible for the role and be available to take on notice any safety concerns recognised and passed on by members. The concern be discussed by committee and solutions implemented as required.

The committee has begun (again) in earnest the feasibility study of implementing the change of the 6th hole and fairway. This would reduce the safety hazard where members on 2nd green and players teeing off the current 6th tee. It would also prevent players from walking across the 5th from the 6th tee and possibly be in danger from those teeing off the 5th.

We need to ensure we maintain solid health and safety aspects for members and visitors. Our public liability insurance costs the club an arm and leg, we need to demonstrate our practices and conditions are meeting requirements.

Pig monies

The misfortunes of playing members, eg; out of bounds, 3+ putts etc., is miniscule to the work the funds raised is put to in exploring the treatments to assist the less fortunate in the community.

The latest amount raised $600, donated to the Cancer network will in a small way continue the work of looking for cures.  

Working bees

If you can spend an hour or two on the third Tuesday of each month, it would be greatly appreciated. Start time is around 10 am.


If you have not paid your subs yet, a reminder that they are overdue. You would be ineligible to claim any prize for a sanctioned event.

PS: If you have some feedback on the newsletter, whether positive or constructive, please talk to Chris Howell and we will work to improve.

Cheers for now

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