Weekly Results 4th july 2020

Swansea Golf Club Results 4th July 2020

The July Monthly Medal sponsored by the Mah-Jong Group was played in fine and cool conditions, the light breeze abated late in the round.

Monthly Medal Winner Ray Dart 60 c/b.

Div1. Winner Tim Bond 60, Runner Up Ray Flynn.

Div2. Winner Alvin Douglas 64, Runner Up Alison Smith 65.

Nearest the Pin 4th/13th Stewart Moore, 5th/14th Lyn Lyne, 9th/18th Jim Morris

Super Pins 7th/16th Leza Thornton 6th/15th Dale Williams.

Wednesday 1st July 2020

Ladies Mid-Week Championship - Stroke

Played over 3 weeks – Week 1

18 Holes Winner Kathy Dance 59, Runner Up Alison Smith 60 c/b, Sally Siepen 60

9 Holers Winner Helen Hall 34, Runner Up Jennifer Whittaker 37 c/b, Linden Harris 37.

Nearest the Pin 3rd Leza Thornton 8th Lyn Lyne

Birdies Kathy Dance

Gobblers Lee Bennett

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday; Greg West 29, Keith Breheny 20, Putts Chris Weeding 10.

Friday; Chris Weeding 31, Max Hall 31, Putts Jason Kerrison 12.

Next Events

8th July Ladies Mid-Week Champs Round 2

11th July 4 Person Ambrose Sponsored by RA & KA Dance Builders

A golfer, now into his golden years, had a lifelong ambition to play the17th hole at TPC Sawgrass exactly the way the pros do it.

The pros drive the ball out over the water onto the small green that is on a small spit of land. It was something the golfer had tried hundreds of times without success. His ball had always fallen short, into the water.

Because of this, he never used a new ball on this particular hole. He always picked out one that had a cut or a nick, as did many other "average" golfers when negotiating very challenging holes.

Recently he went to Sawgrass to try again. When he came to the fateful hole, he teed up an old, cut ball as usual, and said a silent prayer.

However, before he could hit the ball, a powerful voice from above seemed to be booming out from the clouds, saying:

"Wait! Replace that old ball with a brand new one."

The golfer complied, with some slight misgivings, despite the fact that this same force seemed to be implying that he was going to finally achieve his lifelong ambition.

As he stepped up to the tee once more, the voice came down again:

"Wait. Step back. Take a practice swing."

So he stepped back and took a practice swing, certain now that this heavenly force was going to make his dream come true.

The voice boomed out again:

"Take another practice swing."

Dutifully, he did. He stopped expectantly and waited ...

A long silence followed ...

Then the voice again:

"Use the old ball."

Weekly Results 27th June 2020

Swansea Golf Club Results 27th June 2020

Today, Members competed for the Bill Coleman Bicentennial Memorial which was played as a stroke event in cool but pleasant conditions. Many players said they experienced difficulty due to the lack of wind.

Bill Coleman Bicentennial Memorial Trophy Winner Fran Dowling 40.

Div.1 Winner Jan Darke 37, Runner up Jason Kerrison 35.

Div.2 Winner Barry Skeggs 34c/b, Runner up John Quinn 34c/b

Nearest the Pin 4th/13th Leza Thornton, 8th/17th Paul Nunn 9th/18th Ricky Wright

Super Pins 7th/16th Jan Darke, 6th/15th Ricky Wright.

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Ladies Monthly Medal - Stroke

No play due to wet and cold conditions

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday; Paul Morris 31, Putts Darryl Down 14, Mike Woolveridge 14.

Friday; Paul Morris 29, Tim Bond 29, Putts Chris Weeding.

Next Events

1st July Ladies Chicken Run

5th July Monthly Medal – Stroke

Next week, Saturday competition will return to near normal condition with a shotgun start. A start sheet will apply if members wish to nominate a starting hole, however rollups will still be accommodated.

Did you know?The longest golf course in the world is the par 77 International Golf Club in Massachusetts which measures a fearsome 8325 yards.

The highest golf course in the world is the Tactu Golf Club in Morococha, Peru, which sits 14,335 feet above sea level at its lowest point.

The longest golf hole in the world is the 7th hole (par 7) of the Sano Course at the Satsuki Golf Club in Japan. It measures an incredible 909 yards.

Weekly Results 20th June 2020

Swansea Golf Club Results 20th June 2020

Today’s event generously sponsored by the Swansea ladies Craft Group, was a stableford played in conjunction with the qualifying round of the Morris Memorial Knockout Competition.

Men’s Winner Michael Woolveridge 40, Runner Up Jack Hardcastle 39, Third Ray Dart 38.

Ladies Winner Allison Smith 36 c/b, Liza Thornton 36

Nearest the Pin 6th/15th Peter Lea, 8th/17th Jack Hardcastle

Super Pins 4th/13th Allison Smith 7th/16th Jim Morris.

Apologies to Allison Smith and Max Hall last week.

Wednesday 17th June 2020

Ladies Stableford – Club Trophy

18 Holers Winner Pat Hardcastle 39c/b, Runner Up Lee Bennett 39.

9 Holers Winner Allison Donaldson 17, Runner Up Dot Morey 16.
Gobblers Sally Siepen

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday; Keith Breheny 25, Darryl Down 27 Putts Keith Breheny 12.

Friday; Ian Johnson 30, Putts Tim Bond 13.

Cumming Events

24th June Ladies Monthly Medal - Stroke

27th June – Bill Coleman Bicentennial Shield - Stableford

1st July Ladies Chicken Run

5th July Monthly Medal – Stroke

Did you know? There are 336 dimples on a regulation golf ball.

Phil Mickelson, who plays left-handed, is actually right-handed. He learned to play golf by mirroring his father’s golf swing, and he has used left-handed golf clubs ever since.

Don't feel bad about your high handicap --- 80% of all golfers will never achieve a handicap of l8 or less. So, continue hacking ...

Weekly Results 13th June 2020

Swansea Golf Club Results 13th June 2020

Monthly Medal – Stroke

A belated May Monthly Medal played in cool and overcast conditions.

Monthly Medal Winner Keith Breheny 54

Div. 1 Winner Peter Lea 62 Runner Up Stewart Moore 62

Div. 2 Winner Allison Smith 58 Runner Up Fran Dowling 64 c/b

Nearest the Pin 6th/15th Ricky Wright 9th/18th Jason Kerrison

Super Pins 4th/13th Rick Dance, 8th/17th Alvin Douglas.

Wednesday 10th June 2020

Ladies Pinehurst - Club Trophy

18 Holers Winners Di Sinclair/Lyn Lyne 55.5 Runners Up Jo Whelan/Jan/Darke 58.5

9 Holers Winners Di Garcia/Judith Cleaver 29 c/b Runners Up Jen Whittaker/Dorothy Morey 29.
Birdies Lee Bennett

Sunday 7th June 2020

Mixed Foursomes Championship

Winners Jan Darke/Ricky Wright

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday; Ian Wallace 27, Gavin Todd 28 Putts Howard Edington 11

Friday; Stewart Moore 30. Putts Howard Edgington 13

Next Week

20th June – Morris Memorial Qualifying Round

This week’s titbit we know is fact. When? last Monday. Where? 8th hole Swansea Golf Club. Who? Keith Breheny. The ball was sweetly struck and flew like an arrow from Robin Hood’s bow, landed on the green like a butterfly with sunburnt feet, then straight into the hole. AN ACE. A Hole in One. Well done Keith, rest assured no one, not even Arnold, Jack or Tiger will ever have a better score on that hole.

Weekly Results 6th June 2020

Swansea Golf Club Results 6th June 2020

Monthly Medal – Stroke

A belated April Monthly Medal played in cool but calm conditions.

Monthly Medal Winner Tim Bond 59.

Div 1 Winner James Dick 61, Runner Up Jack Hardcastle 64 c/b

Div 2 Winner Keith Brehney 62 Runner Up Darryl Down 65 c/b.

Nearest the Pin 8th/17th Len Evans, 6th/15th Miles Clark

Super Pins 4th/13th Max Hall, 7th/16th David Doyle.

Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Ladies Club Trophy - Stroke

18 Holers Winner Di Sinclair 31 c/b Runner Up Val Kemp 31

9 Holers Hellen Hall 13, Runner Up Dorothy Morey 8.
Birdies Alison Smith

Gobblers Alison Smith

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday; Greg West 25. Putts Greg West,14 Rod Smith 14.

Friday; Chris Weeding 31, Jan Darke 33. Putts Rick Dance 14

Next Week

Saturday 13th June Monthly Medal – Stroke

Time sheets are on the notice board next to the Green Fee Box.

COVID-19 conditions as laid down by the Tas. Government and Golf Australia still apply

The Clubhouse will be in use subject to conditions.

Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods are standing at the throne of heaven. God looks at them and says, "Before granting you a place at my side, I must ask you what you have learned, what you believe in."

God asks Arnie first: "What do you believe?" Arnie thinks long and hard, looks God in the eye, and says, "I believe in hard work, and in staying true to family and friends. I believe in giving. I was lucky, but I always tried to do right by my fans."

God can't help but see the essential goodness of Palmer, and offers him a seat to his left. Then God turns to Nicklaus and says, "What do you believe?"

Jack says, "I believe passion, discipline, courage and honor are the fundamentals of life. Like Arnold, I believe in hard work. I, too, have been lucky, but win or lose, I've always tried to be a true sportsman, both on and off the playing fields."

God is greatly moved by Jack's high-pitched eloquence, and he offers him a seat to his right.

Finally, God turns to Woods: "And you, Tiger, what do you believe?"

Tiger replies, "I believe you're in my seat."

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