Results & Tee times 20th October

Special Edition of Weekly Results

Sunday 20th October 2019

A Grade Gross Ray Flynn 143, Ricky Wright 147. Nett Ray Flynn 123, Ricky Wright 131

B Grade Gross Tim Bond 154, Len Evans 159. Nett Tim Bond 124, Len Evans 127.

C Grade Gross Mike Woolveridge 170, Mal Sinclair 173. Nett Mike Woolveridge 128, Mal Sinclair 129.

Ladies A Gross Sally Siepen 168, Jan Darke 176, Lyn Lyne 176, Nett Sally Siepen 130, Jan Darke 138, Lyn Lyne 138.

Ladies B Gross Kathy Dance 173, Alison Smith 192 Nett Kathy Dance 134, Val Kemp 149

Super Pins Mike Woolveridge & Rick Dance

Listed below are the tee times for the 3rd and final round of the

2019 Club Championships

To be played Saturday 26th

Good Golfing

Time   Name                        Name                        Name                        Name


9.30    Val Kemp                  Keith Breheny         Gavin Todd              Alison Smith


9.40    Ray Dart                    Jim Morris                Jayden Coleman       Lyn Lyne


9.50    Alvin Douglas           Byron Anderson     Paul Nunn                Kathy Dance


10.00  Jan Darke                  Rod Smith                 Mal Sinclair              Max Hall8


10.10  Sally Siepen              Mike WoolveridgeLeza Thorton            Jack Hardcastle


10.20  Jim Miley                  Mat Gall                    Tim Bond                  Ricky Wright


10.30  Murray Lethborg    Len Evans                 Rick Dance                Raymond Flynn

Weekly Results 19th October 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 19th October 2019

Club Championships Round 1 - Stroke

A Grade Ricky Wright 73, Ray Flynn 73

B Grade Tim Bond 75, Ray Smith 80,

C Grade Jayden Coleman 82, Mike Woolveridge 82

Ladies A Grade Sally Siepen 83, Leza Thornton 83

Ladies B Grade Kathy Dance 90, Alison Smith 95.

Div. 1 Tim Bond 60 Rod Smith 62. Div. 2 Jayden Coleman 59, Mike Woolveridge 61

NTP 8/17th Ricky Wright, 9/18th Rick Dance Ladies 5/14th Jan Darke

Super Pin 4/13th Darryl Down 7/16th Byron Anderson

Bottom of the Pack Alvin Douglas c/b

Wednesday16th October

Ladies – Stableford

18 hole; Winner Kathy Dance38, Runner up Sally Siepen 37.

9 Hole; Winner Judith Cleaver 14, Runner up Libby Wardlaw 14

NTP 18 Holers 3/12th Val Kemp.

Birdies Jan Darke, Sally Siepen.

Gobblers Jo Whelan, Sally Siepen, Val Kemp.

Chicken Run

Wednesday; Ian Johnson 29, Steve Kenney 31 Putts John Cotton 14 c/b

Friday; Tim Bond 26, Putts Tim Bond 13

Coming Events

23rd Ladies Monthly Medal – Stroke

26th Last Round Club Championships - Stroke

30th Ladies – Stableford

2nd Monthly Medal – Stroke

A teacher was taking her first lesson. “is the word spelt ‘Put’ or ‘Putt’?” she asked the instructor.

“’Putt’ is correct,” he replied. “’Put’ means to place a thing where you want it. ‘Putt’ means a vague attempt to do the same thing.” – Herbert V. Prochnow.

Weekly Results 12th October 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 12th October 2019

Canadian Foursomes

If you were not here, you missed a super day in sunny Swansea with the day’s event sponsored by the Swansea Men’s Probus Club..

Winners Alison Smith/Jim Miley 55 Runner up Paul Nunn/John McKenna 55.5 c/b

3rd Steve Dart/Mal Sinclair 55.5 c/b, 4th Ray Dart/Rick Dance 56.5

NTP 6/15th Kathy Dance/Rod Smith, 8/17th Roger Green/Jack Hardcastle.

Super Pin 7/16th Roger Green/Jack Hardcastle, 4/13th Len Evans.

Bottom of the Pack Rodger Green/Jack Hardcastle 71.5

Wednesday 9th October

Ladies – Eclectic

18 hole; Winner Jo Whelan 23 Runner up Sally Siepen 21

9 Hole; Winner Libby Wardlaw 13 Runner up Judy Cleaver 10

NTP 18 Holers 2/11th Pat Hardcastle, 9 Holers 7th Judy Cleaver

Birdies Jo Whelan, Sally Siepen.

Gobblers Jo Whelan, S Siepen, Pat Hardcastle

Chicken Run

Wednesday; Daryl Down 30, Mike Wolveridge 31 c/b Putts Matthew Gall 12

Friday; Rick Dance 30 c/b Putts Chris Weeding 13

Coming Events

16th Ladies Stableford

19th and 20th - Club Championships 1st and 2nd Rounds - Stroke

23rd Ladies Monthly Medal – Stroke

26th Club Championships Final Round – Stroke

A hacker, driving erratically from the tee at a country course, hit and killed a cow in the adjoining paddock, “Hell,” he yelled running up. “I’m terribly embarrassed! Can I replace her?”

“Dunno,” replied the farmer. “How many litres a day do YOU give?”

Weekly Results 5th October 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 28th September 2019

Monthly Medal Stroke

Back to normal, cool and windy conditions greeted the field this week. Firm but true and pacey greens made scoring difficult for some.

Monthly Medal Winner Jim Morris 59

Division One Winner Murray Lethborg 61 Runner up Rod Smith 63

Division Two Winner Sally Siepen 61 Runner up Jayden Coleman 65

NTP 2/11th Glen Woods 9/18th Ricky Wright

Super Pin 7/16th Jan Darke 4/13th Rick Dance

Encouragement Award Wayne Cargill

Wednesday 2nd October

Ladies – Stroke

18 hole; Winner Joanna Whelan 61 Runner up Sally Siepen 63

9 Hole; Winner Judith Cleaver 36.5 Runner up Helen Hall 37.5

NTP 18 Holers 2/11th Leza Thornton, 9 Holers 7th Hellen Hall

Gobblers Joanna Whelan, Leza Thornton, Sally Siepen X 2

Thursday 3rd October

A special day out with a Super Seniors event played in almost tropical conditions, organised and generously sponsored by JimMorris.

Teams; Winner Leza Thornton and John Quinn 65 c/b Runner Up Alison Smith and Jim Morris 65

Individual Ladies Winner Leza Thornton 34 Men’s Winner Jim Morris 40

Nearest the Pin 5/14th Rod Smith 7/16th Rod Smith

Nearest the Tee 7/16th Ray Dart

Chicken Run

Wednesday; Chris Weeding 29 Mike Wolveridge 30 c/b Putts Jerome Plunkett 12

Friday; Mal Sinclair 30, Ian Johnson 30 Putts Rick Dance 13

Up Coming Events

9th Ladies Eclectic Stableford

12th Canadian Foursomes sponsored by Probis

16th Ladies Stableford

19th Round One Club Championships

6th November Wednesday Ladies AGM. All Members welcome

The reason the pro tells you to keep your head down is so you can't see him laughing. -- Phyllis Diller

Weekly Results 28th September 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 28th September 2019

Bad weather cancelled the monthly medal earlier in the month, but the replay sponsored by the Mah-Jong group was played in great conditions. The event started early so the non-Collingwood supporters could watch the Grand Final.

Monthly Medal Winner Howard Edgington 68

Division one Winner Ricky Wright 61 Runner up Rick Dance 63

Division Two Winner Ray Dart 62 Runner up Darryl Down 64

NTP 8/17th Ray Dart, 9/18th Fran Dowling

Super Pin 4/13th Tim Bond, 7/16 Steve Pearce

Encouragement Award Michael Stanfield

Wednesday 25th September

Ladies – Stroke

18 hole; Winner Jan Darke 64 Runner up Joanna Whelan 65

9 Hole; Winner Claire Franklin 35.5 Runner up Helen Hall 37.5

NTP 18 holers 5/14th Leza Thornton

Gobblers Linden Harris X 2, Val Kemp

Chicken Run

Wednesday; John Quinn 29 c/b, J. Richards 29 c/b Putts Chris Weeding 11

Friday; Insufficient players

Up Coming Events

2nd Ladies Club Trophy – Stroke

3rd Super Senior Special Event

5th Monthly Medal - Stroke

9th Ladies Eclectic - Stableford

From Tom Ramsey’s book, ‘It’s a Funny Game’. Sailor, long marooned on a desert island, watched a great looking blond float ashore on a barrel. “how about a cigarette?” she asked, reaching inside the barrel. “Wow!” “And how about a beer?” Wow, wow!” “Now – would you like to play around?” “Lady, don’t tell me you also got golf clubs in that barrel?”

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