Weekly Results 28th September 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 28th September 2019

Bad weather cancelled the monthly medal earlier in the month, but the replay sponsored by the Mah-Jong group was played in great conditions. The event started early so the non-Collingwood supporters could watch the Grand Final.

Monthly Medal Winner Howard Edgington 68

Division one Winner Ricky Wright 61 Runner up Rick Dance 63

Division Two Winner Ray Dart 62 Runner up Darryl Down 64

NTP 8/17th Ray Dart, 9/18th Fran Dowling

Super Pin 4/13th Tim Bond, 7/16 Steve Pearce

Encouragement Award Michael Stanfield

Wednesday 25th September

Ladies – Stroke

18 hole; Winner Jan Darke 64 Runner up Joanna Whelan 65

9 Hole; Winner Claire Franklin 35.5 Runner up Helen Hall 37.5

NTP 18 holers 5/14th Leza Thornton

Gobblers Linden Harris X 2, Val Kemp

Chicken Run

Wednesday; John Quinn 29 c/b, J. Richards 29 c/b Putts Chris Weeding 11

Friday; Insufficient players

Up Coming Events

2nd Ladies Club Trophy – Stroke

3rd Super Senior Special Event

5th Monthly Medal - Stroke

9th Ladies Eclectic - Stableford

From Tom Ramsey’s book, ‘It’s a Funny Game’. Sailor, long marooned on a desert island, watched a great looking blond float ashore on a barrel. “how about a cigarette?” she asked, reaching inside the barrel. “Wow!” “And how about a beer?” Wow, wow!” “Now – would you like to play around?” “Lady, don’t tell me you also got golf clubs in that barrel?”

weekly Results 21st September 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 21st September 2019

A slight breeze greeted the field for the final of the Morris Memorial knockout event and the members stableford, generously sponsored by Statewide Independent Wholesalers

Winner of the Morris Memorial Knockout on the 18th green Mal Sinclair

Division one Winner Ricky Fulton 41 from Tim Bond 38 and Max Hall 36

Division Two Winner Jim Morris 41 from Mal Sinclair 33 and Jayden Coleman 35

Nearest the Pin 6/15th Peter Lea

Super Pin 4/13th Ricky Wright 7/16th Ricky Fulton

Encouragement Award Sally Siepen

Wednesday 18th September

Ladies – Stroke

.18 hole; Winner Kathy Dance 59 Runner up Sally Siepen 61.

9 Hole Winner Libby Wardlaw 34.5 Runner up Helen Hall 39.5

Nearest the Pin 18 holers 13/12th Alison Smith. 9 Holers 7th Helen Hall

Birdies Angela Barden

Gobblers Angela Barden, Alison Smith

Chicken Run

Wednesday; Gavin Todd 29, Mike Wooveridge 29 Peter Lea 30 Putts John Cotton 13 c/b

Friday; Gavin Todd 28 Putts Ricky Wright 12

Up Coming Events

25th Ladies Monthly Medal

28th Monthly Medal 8.30 to 9.30 start

2nd Ladies – Stroke

3rd Super Seniors Special Draw for partners

This week’s quote from the “King” Arnold Palmer. The Essence of Golf – Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated. It satisfies the soul and frustrates the Intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening. It is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.

Weekly Results 14th September 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 14th September 2019

FOBS (Freycinet, Orford, Bicheno, Swansea)

FOBS is conducted between the four competing clubs for an annual trophy, this week was round three played at Swansea. The overall winner on the day was Jim Miley with 42 points.

Swansea Men Winner Max Hall 40, Runner up Mal Sinclair 35

Swansea Ladies Winner Leza Thornton 35, Runner up Sally Siepen 33

Super Pin Jan Darke

Nearest the Pin Ladies 6/15th Leza Thornton 5/14th Lynne Crockatt; Men 4/13th Ricky Wright 9/18th Keith Brehney

FOBS Results on the day; Bicheno 162, Orford 155, Freycinet 157, Swansea 179

Results after 3 rounds; Bicheno 505, Orford 509, Freycinet 498 Swansea 544.


Wednesday11th September

Ladies Club Trophy – Stableford

18 hole; Winner Val Kemp 40 Runner up Jo Whelan on a count back from Kathy Dance 28

9 Hole Winner Clair Franklin 17 Runner up Helen Hall 15,

Nearest the Pin 7/16th The green won?

Gobblers Jo Whelan

Chicken Run

Wednesday; Rick Dance 31 c/b Putts Keith Brehney 15

Friday; Ian Johnstone 29 Putts Jan Darke 14

Up Coming Events

18th Ladies – Ambrose

21st Stableford Final of the Morris Memorial Trophy

25th Ladies - Monthly Medal stroke

28th Stroke September Monthly Medal 9.00am start

Early one Saturday at the Moore Park municipal course in Sydney, a little man kept inching his way towards the head of the line of golfers waiting to hit off. Each time, he was tossed back unceremoniously to where he had started.

“Once more,” he finally warned the line, “and I won’t open the course!”

Weekly Results 5th September 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 7th September 2019

Monthly Medal – Stroke

Great weather for farmers, gardeners, the golf course and ducks but too wet, windy and cold for even the most ardent Swansea members. Play was abandon without a shot being fired

Wednesday 4th September

Ladies Club Trophy – Stroke

18 hole; Winner Sally Siepen 64 Runner up Val Kemp 66

9 Hole Winner Alison Donaldson Runner up Judith Cleaver,

Nearest the Pin 18 holers 5/14th Sally Siepen 9 holers 7th Judith Cleaver

Gobblers Val Kemp, Alison Smith, Sally Siepen X 2

Birdies Sally Siepen

Chicken Run

Wednesday; Ian Wallace 29, Max Hall 31 Putts Tim Bond 11.

Friday; Tooooo wet

Up Coming Events

11th Ladies – Stableford

14th FOBS Swansea

18th Ladies – Ambrose

21st Stableford Final of the Morris Memorial Trophy

The ninth hole at Portal Golf Club measurers 125 metres. Most people take around sixty-five minutes to play it. The Reason?

The tee is in North Portal, Saskatchewan, Canada; the green is in North Portal, Dakota, United States of America. North Dakota observes Daylight Saving Time while the Canadian neighbour does not, and its therefore an hour ahead. This surely makes Portal’s ninth the longest short hole in the world as well as representing the ultimate in slow play.

Weekly Results 31st August 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 31st August 2019

Lyne Family Trophy sponsored by Springvale Vineyard

Stroke event played in very mild but windy conditions, much better than recent weeks

Winner of the Lyne Family Trophy

Men Ray Dart 60, Runner up Tim Bond 60 c/b

Ladies Sally Siepen 68, Runner up Allison Smith 68 c/b

NTP 6/15th Jim Morris 5/14th Fran Dowling

Super Pin 4/13th Fran Dowling

Encouragement Award Steve Dart

Wednesday 28th August

Ladies Chicken Run – Stroke

The field heavily affected by the weather.

18 hole; Winner Jo Whelan 62, Runner up Val Kemp 73,

Nearest the Pin 7/16th Jo Whelan

Gobblers Jo Whelan

Chicken Run

Wednesday; Keith Breheny 30 Putts Edge 13.

Friday; Chris Weeding 28 Putts Peter Lea

Up Coming Events

4th Ladies Club Trophy – Stroke

7th Monthly Medal Sponsored by the Mah-jong group

11th Ladies – Stableford

14th FOBS Swansea

The club grouch could always find something to whinge about. The annual subscription, the food, the course, the other members. The first time he hit a hole in one, he complained, “Dammit. Just when I needed putting practice.” (not sure who.)

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