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Weekly Results 29th June 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 29th June 2019

Today’s event was a Pinehurst played in fine conditions and sponsored by Choice Carpets by Boxhall

Gross Winners Peter Lea and Jim Morris 70 on C/B Len Evans and Ricky Dance 70

Nett Winners Daryl Down and Tony Johnstone 52 Runner up Ray Dart and Jan Darke 53

Balls down the line; Max Hall and John Quinn 56.5, Mal Sinclair and Paul Nunn 57, Keith Brethney and Fran Dowling 57.

Nearest the Pin; 4/13th Max Hall and John Quinn, 6/15th Rick Wright and Ian Wallace

Super Pin 7/16th Max Hall and John Quinn, 9/18th Ricky Wright and Ian Wallace

Wednesday 5th June – Ladies

Monthly Medal

Played in beautiful sunny conditions.

18 hole; Winner Jo Whelan,60, Runner Up Kathy Dance 65.

9 Hole; Winner Linden Harris 36.5, on count back from Judith Cleaver 36.5

NTP 18 Holers; 2nd shot 5/14th Sally Siepen.

Gobblers; Jo Whelan, Helen Hall, Linden Harris.

Chicken Run

Wednesday; Max Hall 27, Chris Weeding 28, Keith Bretheny 31 Putts; Max Hall 12.

Friday; Alvin Douglas 30, Peter Lea 30, Putts Ricky Wright 13.

Up Coming Events

3rd Ladies Chicken Run

6th Monthly Medal

10th Ladies Chicken Run

13th RD and KA Dance Builders

From an unknown wag. “YOU are without doubt the worst caddie I have ever had.” “Never,” was the reply “that would be too much of a coincidence.”

Weekly Results 22nd June 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 22nd June 2019

Saturday Bill Coleman Bicentennial Shield

Cold and windy conditions with just a dash of a shower greeted the hardy players who fronted the starter for the Bill Coleman Bicentennial Shield.

Winner of the Shield; Jack Hardcastle 46.

Div, 1 Sally Siepen 36, Rick Dance 35, Ricky Wright 35.

Div 2 Max Hall 36, Ray Dart 34, Chris Weeding 33.

Nearest the Pin 6/15th Sally Siepen, 9/18th Max Hall

Super Pin 4/13th Fran Dowling, 7/16th Alvin Douglas

Yellow Jacket Steve Kenny on Count back from Ian Johnson

Wednesday 5th June – Ladies


18 hole Winner Val Kemp 33, Runner up Kathy Dance 32

9 Hole Winner Clair Franklin 15, Runner up Judith Cleaver 12

NTP 18 Holers 2nd shot 3/12th Joanna Whelan, 9 Holers 7th Clair Franklin,

Gobblers Kathy Dance and Jan Darke.

Chicken Run

Wednesday; Steve Kenny 32, John Quinn 32, Ian Johnson 32. Putts Cheeky 13

Friday; Alvin Douglas 26 Putts Chris Weeding 12, Tim Bond12

Upcoming Events

26th Ladies Monthly Medal

29th Choices Flooring by Boxhall Pinehurst.

3rd Ladies Chicken Run

6th Monthly Medal

In the words of Leslie Townes Hope, also known as Bob Hope, “If you watch a game, it’s fun. If you play it, it’s recreation. If you work at it, it’s golf.”

Weekly Results 15th June 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 15 th June 2019

Saturday Stableford

The event generously sponsored by the Craft Group which coincided with the 1st knockout round of the Morris Memorial Trophy

Men Div., 1 Rick Dance 35; Jack Hardcastle 35

Men Div. 2 Max Hall 37; Chris Weeding 36

Ladies Leza Thornton 36; Louise McKenna 35

Overall Winner Max Hall 37. Balls down the line Keith Breheny 33; Jan Darke 33

NTP 4/13th Max Hall; 6/15th Jack Hardcastle; 9/18th Tim Bond; Super Pin Jim Morris. Yellow Jacket Daryl Down.

Morris Memorial 1st knockout round, Max Hall def., Rick Dance 3/2; Kathy Dance def., Jayden Coleman 6/4; Keith Breheny def. Murray Lethborg 2/1; Leza Thornton def. Steve Dart 5/3; John Quinn def. Val Kemp 4/3; Mal Sinclair def. Ray Dart 3/1; David Doyle walk over.

Wednesday 5th June - Ladies


Winners on a count back Judith Cleaver and Kathy Dance 57 from Di Sinclair and Jan Darke 57

Nearest the Pin 7th Helen Hall and Sally Siepen;

Second shot on 3/12th Helen Hall and Sally Siepen; Birdies Di Sinclair and Jan Darke

Chicken Run

Wednesday; Max Hall 26, Paul Morris 30. Putts Rick Dance 12

Friday; Tim Bond 29; Putts Chris Weeding and Tim Bond 13.

Upcoming Events

19th Ladies Stableford

22nd Bill Coleman Bicentennial Shield Stableford.

26th Ladies Monthly Medal

Choices Flooring by Boxhall Pinehurst.

The latest statistical survey of golfers’ height conducted on behalf of a major sportswear company reveals that the average player is seldom as tall as his stories.

Weekly Results 8th June 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 8th June 2019

A Very cool and frosty morning greeted the dew kickers this weekend.

Long Weekend Tournament Saturday Stroke

Best Nett Overall & Swansea Best Nett  Len Evans 57

Ladies Division 1 - 2

Gross: Angie Blyth 71, Debbie Taylor 72, Jenny Winspear 81.

Nett: Lyn Lyne 65, Jan Dark 66, Leza Thornton.

Vets Gross: Sally Siepen 82. Nett: Kathy Dance 66

NTP: 716th Leza Thornton, Second shot 9/18th Jan Darke

Men Division 1

Gross: Mark Freeman 66, Shane Wright 68, Derrick McPherson 69,

Nett: Peter Lea 59, Neil Sculthorpe 64, Mark Hall 64.

Men Division 2

Gross: Craig McPherson 73, Jack Hardcastle 76, Peter Rolle 77

Nett: Malcolm Wood 62, Murray Lethborg 63, Geoff Williams 64

Men Division 3

Gross; Matt McPherson 80, Max Hall 84, Mal Sinclair 86.

Nett: Daryl Down 60, Ray Dart 65,


Gross: Ricky Wright 69 Nett: Len Evans 74

Nearest The Pin: 3/12th Shane Wright,

Super Pin: Mark Hall

Long Weekend Tournament Sunday Canadian Foursomes

Men Gross Winner Ricky Wright and Mark Hall 58.5

Men Nett Winner Garry Quarrell & Brian Sakley 63 on Count Back

Ladies Gross Winner Leza Thornton & Angie Blyth 85

Ladies Nett Val Kemp & Angela Barden 64

Nearest the Pin Men 4/13th Jack Hardcastle, 8//17th Peter Rolle Ladies 4/13th Stephanie Sheppard, 7/16th Louise McKenna

Super Pin Derrick McPherson
Long Weekend Tournament Monday Mixed Canadian Foursomes

16 Pairs

Gross - Marcus Skelly & Sally Siepen 72; Ricky Dance & Kathy Dance 73; Cris Howell 7 Jan Darke 74 

Nett - Marcus Skelly & Sally Siepen 61; Chris Howell & Jan Darke; Ricky Dance & Kathy Dance 61.5

Wednesday 5th June - Ladies

Club Trophy

18 Holers Winner Angela Barden 62 Runner Up Louise McKenna 63

9 Holers Winner Alison Donaldson 34.5, Runner Up Judith Cleaver 36.5

NTP. Second shot 3rd 18holers Kathy Dance, Second shot 4th 9 holers Di Garcia,

7th Val Kemp,

Birdies Angela Barden Gobblers Angela Barden, Di Garcia

Chicken Run

Wednesday Winner; Rick Dance 26, Edge 27, Chris Weeding 28; Putts Rick Dance 12

Friday Winner; not available

Upcoming Events

12th Ladies Pinehurst

15th Craft Group Sponsored Day – 1st knockout round Morris Match Play

19th Ladies Stableford

22nd Bill Coleman Bicentennial Shield Stableford.

This week’s quote from US Golfer Johnny Miller, “Every day I tell myself this is going to be fun today. I try to put myself in a great frame of mind before I go out – then I screw it up with the first shot.”

Weekly Results 1st June 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 1st June 2019

Monthly Medal

No excuses for the June Monthly Medal, beautiful weather and the course in a great condition.

Monthly Medal Winner; Darryl Down 58, Runner Up Val Kemp 59

Gross Winner; Steve Dart 76, Runner Up Rick Dance 77.

Balls down the line; Len Evans 63, John Quinn 63, Max Hall 63.

Nearest the Pin; 6/15th Jack Hardcastle, 7/16th Leza Thornton

Super Pin; 4th Hole; Max Hall

Birdies; Max Hall X 2, Darryl Down X 2, Len Evans, Jack Hardcastle, Jan Darke, Tim Bond.

Yellow Jacket; Greg West.

Wednesday 29th May – Ladies

Monthly Medal

18 Hole Winner; Kathy Dance 59 Runner Up Val Kemp 64 on c/b Di Sinclair.

9 Hole Winner; Helen Hall 34.5 Runner Up Di Garcia 39.5

Nearest the Pin; on or off 7th Lyn Lyne

9 Holers; 2nd shot 4th Judith Cleaver.

Chicken Runs

Wednesday Winner; Gavin Todd 29 Runner Up Rod Smith 30; Putts Mal Sinclair 14 on count back from 5 others

Friday Winner; Ian Johnson 34 Putts Ricky Wright 11

Upcoming Events

5th June Ladies Club Trophy

8/9/10th Long Weekend Tournament

12th Ladies Pinehurst

15th Craft Group Sponsored Day – 1st knockout round Morris Match Play.

This week’s quote from P G Woodhouse “You know your husband is obsessed with golf when he thinks The Green Party is something to do with the improvement of golf courses.”

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