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Weekly Results 25th May 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 25th May 2019

Foursomes Championship

A good field took part in the honour board event contested in fine but cool conditions

Men’s Champions for the 2019-20 season; Ricky Wright and Max Hall with a fine gross 72.

Ladies Champions for the 2019-20 season; Pat Hardcastle and Lyn Lyne 86

Men’s Nett winners; Steve Longey and Murray Lethborg 58.5

Ladies Nett winners; Angela Barden and Val Kemp 63

Balls down the line; Cheeky and Edge

NTP 4/13th Ricky Wright; 7/16th Lyn Lyne; 8/17th Jim Morris

Super Pin; Murray Lethborg

Wednesday 22nd May – Ladies

18 Hole; Winner Kathy Dance 37pts Runner up Pat Hardcastle 36pts

9 Hole; Winner Libby Wardlaw 16pts on a count back, Runner up Judy Cleaver 16pts

Nearest the Pin; All comers 4/13th Jan Dark; 7/16th Di Garcia

Birdies; Pat Hardcastle

Gobblers; Angela Barden and Di Sinclair

Chicken Runs

Wednesday Winners; Chris Weeding 26; Rod Smith 28; Putts John Quinn 13

Friday Winners; Alvin Douglas 28; Ricky Wright 29 Count back; Putts Jan Darke 9

Up Coming Events

29th May Ladies Monthly Medal

1st June Monthly Medal

5th June Ladies Club Trophy

8/9/10th Long Weekend Tournament

This week it is Jack Benny who reportedly said, “Give me golf clubs, fresh air and a beautiful partner, and you can keep my golf clubs and the fresh air.”

Weekly Results 18th May 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 18th May 2019

Events of the nation were of little concern to the players who turned up in beautiful weather to play the 2-Person Ambrose Sponsored by Statewide Independent Wholesalers.

Winners of the gross event were Rick Dance and Barry Skeggs 65, Runners up on a count back Chris Howell and Fran Dowling.

Winners of the nett event were Mal Sinclair and Max Hall 56, Runners up on a count back Len Evans and Jim Miley 57

Nearest the pin 4/13th Len Evans, 9/18th 2nd shot Leza Thornton and Paul Nunn.

Super Pin 7/16th Mal Sinclair.

Wednesday 15th – Ladies

Charity Day

On a sunny day with the course looking tops by our wonderful greenkeepers, 38 played a Canadian foursomes with visitors coming from Richmond, Colebrook, Freycinet, Bicheno and Orford. To top the day off, $750 was raised for charity.

Visitor winners Sue Dransfield and Lynn Crockat from Freycinet with nett 54

Swansea winners Alison Smith and Di Sinclair Nett 62, Runners up Kathy Dance and Linden Harris Nett 62.5

Chicken Run

Wednesday Rick Dance 26 Runner up Alan Alcott 28 Putts Rick Dance 10

Friday no even due to Farmers Day.

Up Coming Events

May 22nd Ladies Barclay Shield

May 25th Foursomes Championship

May 29th Ladies Monthly Medal

June 1st Saturday Monthly Medal

This week’s quote comes from Super Mex Lee Trevino when lightning struck: “There a was thunderous crack like cannon fire and suddenly I was lifted a foot and a half off the ground….Damn, I thought to myself, this is a helluva penalty for slow play.”

Weekly Results 11th May 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 11th May 2019


Another fine day in Paradise (Swansea) for the playing of the qualifying round of the Morris Memorial Match Play. Thanks to Jim Morris for the supply of the great trophies on the Day. Thanks also to Val and Keith Kemp ably assisted by Maria Nunn for the Bar B Q on the day.

Ladies Winner Lyn Lyne 41pts Runner up Kathy Dance 38pts

Men’s Winner Steve Dart 39pts Runner up Rick Dance 38pts

Morris Memorial Qualifiers Steve Dart, Kathy Dance, Val Kemp, Rick Dance, David Doyle, Byron Anderson, Rod Smith, Murray Lethborg, Jim Miley, Ray Dart, Mal Sinclair, Jack Hardcastle, Keith Breheny, Len Evans, Max Hall, John Quinn, Jayden Coleman, Leza Thornton.

Nearest the Pin 3/12- 2nd shot Rick Dance, 6/15 2nd shot Murray Lethborg, 7/16 David Doyle. Super Pin 4/13 David Doyle.

The Yellow Vest was won by Paul Nunn

Wednesday 8th May - Ladies

President’s Cup Stableford

18 Hole Winner Pat Hardcastle 40, Runner up Lyn Lyne 34

9 Hole Winner Clair Franklin 15, Runner up Di Garcia 10

18 Holers 3rd shot on 9/18, Lyn Lyne.

9 Holers Nearest the Pin 7th hole on or off the green, Judith Cleaver.

Birdies Pat Hardcastle

Gobblers Pat Hardcastle

Chicken Runs

Wednesday Ray Flynn 30, Edge 30, Jim Miley 31 on a count back. Putts Jerome Plunkett 10

Friday Steve Kenny 33. Puts Ian Johnson 15.

Up Coming Events

May 15th Ladies Charity Day

May 17th Farmers Day, NO CHICKEN RUN

May 18th 2 Person Ambrose Sponsored by Statewide Independent Wholesalers

May 22nd Ladies Barclay Shield

May 25th Foursomes Championship

This week’s quote is from the one and only Severiano Ballesteros, “I’d like to see the fairways more narrow. Then everybody would have to play from the rough, not just me.”

Weekly Results 04 May 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 4th May 2019

Monthly Medal

Pleasant conditions greeted the players on Saturday but performances were overshadowed by two excellent performances during the week. Angela Barden blitzed the field in the ladies on Wednesday and Ian Johnson won both Wednesday and Friday Chicken Runs.

Winner of the monthly Medal for May was Steve Kenny, 59 Chris Weeding 60, was runner up on a count back from Jim Miley 60,

Balls down the line Max Hall 64, Ian Johnson 66, Rod Smith 66, Jayden Coleman 66, Steve Dart 66.

Anzac Shield was won by Jim Miley 30pts.

Nearest the Pin 4/13 Jim Miley. No One on the 8/17. Super Pin Barry Skeggs

The Yellow Vest was won by Greg West

Wednesday 1st May - Ladies

18 Hole Winner Angela Barden 77/52 Runner Up Louise McKenna 91/65

9 Hole Winner Judy Cleaver 47/29.5 Runner Up Dianne Garcia on a count back 51/33.5

Nearest the Pin on or off 7th Judith Cleaver

Nearest the Pin 2nd shot 6th Alison Smith

Birdies Alison Smith and Judy Cleaver

Gobblers Jo Whelan and Pat Hardcastle

Chicken Runs

Wednesday Ian Johnson 28 Keith Breheny 29. Putts Keith Breheny 12

Friday Ian Johnson 28 Greg West 30. Putts Edge 11

Up Coming Events

8th May President’s Day

11th May Morris Memorial Qualifying Rounds

15th May Charity Day

This week’s quote comes from golfing great Henry Cotton, “The only thing that comes naturally to most golfers is picking the ball out of the hole.”

Weekly Results 27th April 2019

Swansea Golf Club Report 27th April 2019

FOBS Day at Bicheno

Swansea travelled to Bicheno this week on a cool and breezy day to participate in the 2nd round of the annual FOBS trophy. Although numbers were depleted due to a clash with other activities on the day, Swansea as usual acquitted itself well.

FOBS Results for the day: Bicheno 183, Orford 179, Swansea 183, Freycinet 169.

2 Round Totals: Bicheno 343, Orford 354, Swansea 365, Freycinet 341.

Swansea Men Winner: Keith Brethney 38, Runner up Mal Sinclair 37

Swansea Ladies Winner: Leza Thornton 44, Runner up Lyn Lyne 30.

Overall Winner on the day: Liza Thornton 44

Wednesday 24th April Ladies Monthly Medal

Medal Winner: Pat Hardcastle 90/68, Runner up Val Kemp 101/69

9 Hole Competition: Winner Judith Cleaver 53/35.5, Runner up Clair Franklin 55/37.5

Nearest the pin 18 Holes: 2nd shot 5th&14th Alison Smith

Nearest the pin 9 Holers: 7th Judith Cleaver

Gobblers: Jo Whelan X 2

Chicken Runs

Wednesday: Winner John Quin 29 & Barry Skeggs 29. Putts: Gavin Todd 12

Friday: Winner Byron Anderson 29 Nett. Putts Byron Anderson 13 Gavin Todd 13

Up Coming Events

1st May Ladies Club Trophy

4th May Monthly Medal

8th May President’s Day

This week’s quote is attributed to former US President Gerald Ford. “I know I’m getting better at golf because I’m hitting fewer people.”

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