Weekly Results 18th September 2021

Swansea Golf Club Result 18th September 2021.

A very large field contested Round 3 of the annual FOBS (Freycinet, Orford, Bicheno, Swansea) inter-club event which was played at the Freycinet Golf Club.

Results on the day Freycinet 169, Orford 177, Bicheno 146, Swansea 165.

Running Totals Freycinet 489, Orford 537, Bicheno 466, Swansea 512.

Swansea Men’s best Rod Smith 36, 2nd Ricky Wright.

Swansea Ladies best Lyn Lyne 32, 2nd Kathy Dance.

Next Week                

Wednesday 15th September 2021

Lady’s Mid-week Ambrose

18-Holers                   Winners Jo Whelan, Pat Hardcastle, Christine Ring 47.3.

                                    Runners Up Val Kemp, Sally Siepen, Alison Smith 50.5.

9-Holers                     Winners Jennifer Whittaker, Pip Cardno, Jane Cotton 28.5.

                                    Runners Up Clair Franklin, Judith Cleaver 35

Nearest the Pin          18-holes 6th/15th Val Kemp, 2nd/11th Alison Smith. 9-holers 7th Linden Harris


Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday,               Steve Mortimer 29, Peter Dodge 29, Mike Woolveridge 30.

                                    Putts Several on 13.

Friday                        Russell Dodge 27.5, Derek Ring 32.5, Len Evans 32.6

                                    Putts Shane Bartel 13,


What is the difference between a golfer and a fisherman?
When a golfer lies, he doesn’t have to bring anything home to prove it.

MacDermott and MacDuff were sitting in the clubhouse on a raw, blustery day, thawing their beards in front of the fireplace while freezing rain beat against the windows. The pair were silent for a long time over their whiskeys. Finally, MacDermott spoke, “That was quite a round of golf.”
“Aye,” MacDuff replied. “Same time next Saturday?”
“Aye,” said MacDuff, “weather permitting.”

Weekly Results 11th September 2021

Swansea Golf Club Result 11th September 2021.

In blustery conditions players competed in a stableford event Sponsored by the Bendigo Bank

Winner                       Jack Hardcastle 40     

Runner Up                 Matt Gall 37, 3rd Alvin Douglas 35 c/b, 4th Max Hall 35 c/b.

Nearest the Pin.         2nd/11th Jason Kerrison, 3rd/12th Matt Gall, 9th/18th Peter Coon.    

Super Pin                   4th/13th Shane Bartel, 7th/16th Matt Gall.       

Next Week                 3rd Round of FOBS at Freycinet. 9.30 for 10.00 start

Wednesday 8th September 2021

Lady’s Mid-week Stableford

18-Holers                   Winner Jo Whelan 35, Runner Up Val Kemp 31c/b, Lyn Lyne 21.

9-Holers                     Winner Judith Cleaver 17, Runner Up Jennifer Whittaker 16c/b,

                                    Alison Donaldson 16.

Nearest the Pin          18-holes 5th Kathy Dance, 8th Kathy Dance. 9-holers 4th Jane Cotton,

                                    7th Di Sinclair.

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday,               Rick Dance 30, Howard Edgington 30, Corry Van Den Broek 31.

                                    Putts Howard Edgington 13, Corry Van Den Broek 13

Friday                        Matt Gall 26.5, Shane Nicholls 30.5, Rick Dance 30.5 Putts Matt Gall 12.

            To meet regulation standards, golf holes must have a diameter of 4.25 inches and a depth of 4 inches.Any more or less will make the hole non-regulation.

            The first handicap system was invented by a woman, Issette Pearson in 1893.The system levelled the playing field and allowed golfers who had less experience to play. It also allowed male and female players with mixed skills to compete.

Weekly Results 4th September 2021

Swansea Golf Club Result 4th September 2021.

September Monthly Medal Generously sponsored by the Monday Mah Jong group.


Medal Winner           Peter Lea 58.

Runner Up                 David Brown 59, 3rd Russell Dodge 62, 4th Matt Gall 63,

                                    5th Jack Hardcastle 65 c/b      

Nearest the Pin.                     6th Peter Coon, 8th Russell Dodge, 9th David Brown

Super Pin                               4th Pat Hardcastle, Peter Lea.

Wednesday 1st September 2021

Lady’s Mid-week Stableford

18-Holers                   Winner Christine Ring 33, Runner Up Val Kemp 29 c/b, Lyn Lyne 29 c/b,              Alison Smith 29.

9-Holers                     Winner Jennifer Whittaker 318, Runner Up Pip Cardno 14.

Nearest the Pin          5th Kathy Dance, 8th Christine Ring, 7th Helen Hall.

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday,               Ian Johnson 30 c/b, Mitchell Baxter   30.

                                    Putts Mitchell Baxter 13 Peter Lea 13.          

Friday                        Rain – No Competition

You have heard the stories before. Perhaps you have even witnessed them yourself. A 90-year-old man breaks 90 in consecutive rounds. A lifelong golfer shoots 66 on her 66th birthday. But nothing compares to the feats of Kermit Dannehl, who has shot an astonishing 1,138 rounds at or below his age! Clearly, the old adage still applies – age really is just a number.


Long before the advent of tees, golfers played off of hand-built sand piles. That all changed, of course, when tees were invented, gaining popularityduring the 1920s.

weekly Results 28th August 2021

Swansea Golf Club Result 28th August 2021.

Fine weather greeted the players who contested the annual “Sandlewood Trophy’.


Winner           Fran Dowling 59. Runner Up Rod Smith 61, 3rd Jim Morris 62,

                        4th Christine Ring 64 c/b

Nearest the Pin.         8th/15th Peter Lea, 8th/17th Pat Hardcastle, 9th/18th Jack Hardcastle

Super Pin                   4th/13th Peter Lea, 7th/16th Rod Smith

Wednesday 25th August 2021

Lady’s Mid-week Stroke

18-Holers                   Winner Christine Ring 62, Runner Up Alison Smith 67.

9-Holers                     Winner Jennifer Whittaker 33, Runner Up Pip Cardno 35.

Nearest the Pin          3rd Jo Whelan, 4th Jenny Whittaker, 8th Alison Smith.

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday,               Peter Lea 31, Corry Van Den Broek 31.5 Putts Len Evans 13.

Friday                        Rick Dance 31.5, Steve Mortimer 33, Putts Rick Dance.

The term golf originated from the Netherlands. The Dutch word for club is “kolve” or “kolf”. The Dutch likely introduced the word to the Scots through trading during the 14th until the 17th centuries. Due to linguistic differences, the Scottish dialect modified the pronunciation and the terms became “gouff” and “goff”. In the 16th century, the term became, simply, golf.

Weekly Results 21st August 2021

Swansea Golf Club Result 21st August 2021.

Great winter weather without wind and plenty of sunshine greeted a good field for today’s Pinehurst Competition.

Winners         Angela Barden & Fran Dowling 56.

Runners Up   Ian Johnson & Corry Van Den Broek 57 c/b.

3rd                  Matt Gall & Ricky Fulton 57.

Nearest the Pin.         2nd/11th Jason Kerrison, 7th/16th Peter Lea, 9th/18th Dale Williams

Super Pin                   4th/13th Angela Barden, 8th/17th Sally Siepen.

Wednesday 18th August 2021

Lady’s Mid-week Stableford

18-Holers                   Winner Pat Hardcastle 35 c/b, Runner Up Val Kemp35.

9-Holers                     Winner Pip Cardno 20, Runner Up Dorothy Morey 15 c/b.

Nearest the Pin          4th Christine Ring, 7th Kathy Dance.

Birdies                        Christine Ring, Pat Hardcastle X 2

Gobblers                    Christine Ring

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday,               Terry Griggs 28.5, Russell Dodge 30.5, Trevor Stevens 32.

                                    Putts Howard Edgington 14.

Friday                        Derek Ring 30, Ricky Wright 31.5. Putts Ricky Wright 11

Did you know?

  • Including the Old Course, how many golf courses are on the  site?
    7, The Old, the New, Jubilee, Eden, Strathtyrum, Balgove and the Castle courses.
  • What Australian golf course is the only one in the world to hold reciprocal rights with St.Andrews?
    Coober Pedy Golf Course, SA
  • In millimetres, how wide is the golf hole?

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