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Weekly Results 16th January 2021

Swansea Golf Club Results 16th January 2021

            This week’s event was the annual SUMMER CUP, very generously sponsored by Knight Frank Real Estate Swansea.

            Winner of the Summer Cup Steve Dart 38, runner up Rod Smith 37, 3rd Ricky Wright 36

            The winner and Leanne Dann from Knight Frank are seen below with the cup which didn’t last too long after the presentation. Luckily, Steve’s dad has taken charge of repairs.

            Nearest the Pin 8th/17 Ricky Wright, 6th/15th Jason Kerrison, 9th/18th Jason Kerrison.

            Super Pin. 4th/13th Jim Morris, 7th/16th Ray Dart.

            Next Week. Carry the flag.

Wednesday 13th January 2021

Ladies - Stableford

            18-Holers winner Jan Darke 38, Runner Up Angela Barden 37.

            9-Holers winner. Jenny Whittaker 16, Runner Up Pip Cardno 13.

            Nearest the Pin 4th Angela Barden, 8th Jan Darke, 7th Helen Hall, 5th Alison Smith. 

            Gobblers Claire Franklin.

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday, Steve Mortimer 29, John Quinn 31.5 Putts Rick Dance 14

Friday, Ian Johnson, 30 Putts Tim Bond 12.


A Man married a sweet, innocent thing-only to discover she played a better game of golf than he did. All summer, she bested him. When he shot a seventy-eight, she shot a seventy-six. When he shot a seventy-six, she shot a seventy-four.

On Australia Day weekend, she had a 26-metre putt to sink across a sloping green to beat him by a stroke, “Oh, my God,” she said, “if I sink this putt, I’ll just DIE.”

Her husband looked her right in the eye,

“It’s a Gimmie,” he said.

Weekly Results 9th January 2021

Swansea Golf Club Results 29th January 2021

            Warm and sunny conditions greeted a larger than normal field to contest a Canadian Foursomes event, with the course in great condition after recent rain.

            Winners Richard Ward and Paul Nunn 60.375

            2nd Jim Morris & Darryl Down 61.125

            3rd Ricky Wright & Mark Hall 61.75

            4th Rick Dance & Sally Siepen 62

            Nearest the Pin 2nd/11th Rick Dance/Mark Hall 6th/15th Anna Ward/Lachlan Ward, 8th/17Jayden Coleman/Ian Wallace.

            Super Pin 4th/13th Richard Ward, 7th/16th John Quinn.

            Next Week Summer Cup - Stableford.

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Ladies - Stableford

            18-Holers winner Angela Barden 63, Runner Up Jan Darke 66 c/b.

            9-Holers winner Jenny Whittaker 36, Runner Up Pip Cardno 40.

            Nearest the Pin 3rd Angela Barden,4th Sally Siepen, 6th Alison Smith 9th Pip Cardno

            Gobblers Sally Siepen.

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday, Alvin Douglas 31, Mike Woolveridge 31, Ian Wallace 33. Putts John Cotton 11

Friday, Richard Ward 30, Leza Thornton 32, Jan Darke 32. Putts Richard Ward 12.

Malcolm Fraser, as Prime Minister, had his troubles at Royal Canberra merely trying to hit the ball.

It Seems that another Prime Minister, Billy Hughes, never liked losing one.

“The Little Digger” gained a reputation at the club as an indefatigable ball searcher.

In A book published to celebrate Royal Canberra’s jubilee in 1979 came this gem about Hughes.

“One of Billy’s partners, tired of waiting and searching with him, and having one and then another foursome pass through them, dropped an almost new ball into the rough and shouted, “Here you are Mr Hughes, here it is!”

“Billy having examined the ball carefully, replied, ‘No, that’s not it.’ Pocketed it, and resumed his search for another five minutes,’”

Weekly Results 26th December 2020

Swansea Golf Club Results 26th December 2020

            This week the holiday season continued with a 4 person Ambrose event played in very blustery conditions.

            Winners Jason Kerrison, Zack Kerrison, Hudson Sievers & Harrison Jenkins 50.6

            Runners up Max Hall, Mark Hall, Lucas Hall & Roger Green 51

            3rd Place Tim Bond, Rick Dance, Jan Darke & Gavin Todd 52.8.

            Nearest the Pin 6th/15th Jason Kerrison’s Team, 8th/17th Steve Dart’s Team, 9th/18th Darryl Down’s Team

            Super Pin 4th/13th Tony Johnstone, 7th/16th Leza Thornton.

            Next Week the first Monthly Medal for the new year.

Wednesday 23rd December 2020


No Results available

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday, Len Evans 31, John Cotton 31.5, Max Hall 32, Putts Len Evans 10..

Friday, No Results

On the par three seventh tee at Palm Beach, a learner turned to her companion, “I’m growing a bit tired,” she said, “let’s stop as soon as one of us has a hole-in-one.”

Ben Hogan was asked by Bob Hope how he could take five shots off his game.

“skip a par three.”

Weekly Results 2nd January 2021

Swansea Golf Club Results 2nd January 2021

            The first event of the new year was the January Monthly Medal played in pleasant conditions with the course in great condition after recent rain.

            Monthly Medal winner Ray Dart 60.

            Div. 1 winner Peter Lea 65 c/b, Runner Up Richard Ward c/b.

            Div. 2 winner Jayden Coleman 61, Runner Up Alvin Douglas 62.

            Nearest the Pin 5th/14th Ladies Alison Smith, 8th/17th Peter Lea 9th/18th Tim Bond.

            Super Pin 4th/13th Tim Bond, 7th/16th Jim Morris.

            Next Week Canadian foursomes select your partner.

Wednesday 30th December 2020

Ladies - Stableford

            18-Holers winner Jan Darke 37, Runner Up Lyn Lyne 34.

            9-Holers winner Jenny Whittaker 14, Runner Up Pip Cardno.

            Gobblers Jenny Whittaker.

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday, Tony Johnstone 27, Keith Breheny 28, Alvin Douglas 29, D. Watson 29. Putts D. Watson 11.

Friday, John Quinn 31.5, Byron Anderson 31.5 Putts Peter Lea 10.

Fellow Texans Ben Crenshaw and Country and Western singer Willie Nelson were discussing Pedernales Country Club, the golf course Nelson owned outside Austin, Texas.

“The first hole is really tough,” Nelson said.

Really, what’s the par?” Crenshaw asked.

Well, I’m not sure what it is today,” Nelson replied,

“but yesterday it was a par twenty-seven and I birdied it."

Weekly Results 19th December 2020

Swansea Golf Club Results 19th December 2020

            This week was a Foursomes event, again played in very pleasant weather.

            Winners Leza Thornton and Stephen Kenny 68.5

            Runners up Richard Ward and Lachlan Ward 64.

            Nearest the Pin 2nd/11th Jack Hardcastle, 8th/17th Richard Ward.

            Super Pin 4th/13th Jackpot, 7th/16th Max Hall.

Wednesday 16th December 2020

Ladies Monthly Medal – Stroke

            18-holers Winner Val Kemp 53 Runner Up Alison Smith54

            9-holers Winner Jenny Whitaker 32 Runner Up Judy Cleaver 38

            Nearest the Pin 5th Kathy Dance 7th Susie Loane

            Gobbblers Alison Smith, Sally Siepen.


Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday, Richard Ward 29, Russell Dodge 20, Putts Tony Johnstone 12.

Friday, Leon Wright 27, Putts Ricky Wright 14.


The legendary Australian Norman Von Nida’s temperament on the course was Vesuvian. Once in an Australian tournament, players were permitted to take a free drop away from a tree if the tree was no smaller than 2 metres. Von Nida’s ball rolled up against a tree and an official ruled he had to play it. Von Nida challenged the ruling and a tape measure was brought out. The tree proved to be 2 metres and 2.5 centimetres tall. Von Nida played the shot from against the tree. Then, furiously wielding his iron like an axe, he chopped the tree to the ground.

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