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Weekly Results 28th November 2020

Swansea Golf Club Results 28th November 2020

            This week’s event played in cool blustery conditions was a keenly contested Ambrose.

            Winners Jayden Coleman, Angela Barden, Len Evans. 51.8

            Runners Up Paul Nunn, Rod Smith, Gavin Todd. 52

            Nearest the Pin 41st/10th Angela Barden, 2nd/11th Len Evans, 6th/15th Leza Thornton, 9th/18th Peter Lea.

            Super Pin 4th/13th Rick Dance, 7th/16th Jayden Coleman

            Next Week Monthly Medal

25th November 2020

Ladies – Monthly Medal - Stroke

18-Holers Winner Sally Siepen 64 Runner Up Kathy Dance 65 c/b

9-Holers Winner Jenny Whittaker 30, Runner Up Judith Cleaver 41.

Nearest the Pin 4th Jan Darke, 8th Angela Barden, 9-holers Jen Whittaker.

Birdies Leza Thornton 16th.

Ladies Christmas Luncheon 9th December at 12.30pm, cost $25. All non-playing golfers and interested persons are welcome, phone 0438 578 208.

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday, John Quinn 29.5, Howard Edginton 30, Putts Ian Johnson 13

Friday, Paul Morris 26, Putts Peter Lea 13.

At St Andrews course, an American named Stravinsky drove magnificently off the 17th tee. His brand-new ball sailed over the famous dogleg and out of sight onto the Old Course hotel roof.

When he got to where he thought his drive had ended, no ball! Just a Scot who looked suspicious.

“Notice a ball here?’ the American inquired pointedly,


“Is that a ball in your hand?”

“Aye. MY ball.”

“My ball had Stravinsky on it.”

“A bonnie coincidence, laddie. That’s just what I’M playing this morning: a Stravinsky’.”

Weekly Results 21st November 2020

Swansea Golf Club Results 21st November 2020

            This week was the final round of the annual FOBS interclub event played at Swansea. Orford went into the round with an almost unassailable lead which proved too big a hurdle for the chasers. Congratulations to Orford Golf Club.

FOBS Results            Orford            167-165-171-503

                                    Swansea          140-171-182-493

                                    Freycinet         141-171-158-470

            Overall Individual Winner Jim Miley (Swansea) 39.

            Swansea Ladies Winner Kathy Dance 34, Runner Up Val Kemp 33.

            Swansea Men’s Winner Jack Hardcastle 37 c/b Runner Up Jim Morris 37.

            Nearest the Pin Ladies 5th/14th Jan Dark, 6th/15th Lyn Crockatt 7th/16th Kathy Dance.

            Nearest the Pin Men 4th/13th Terry Mickleborough, 2nd/11th Eagle Jordan Woods, 9th/18th Ricky Wright.

            Special thanks to the sponsors on the day to the following vineyards Freycinet, Devil Bend, Milton, Gala and Springvale.

       Trophy Presentation Night Dinner 28th November, $35 per head bookings with

Bruce Digney
18th November 2020

Ladies – Canadian Foursomes

18 Holers Winners Pat Hardcastle/Angela Barden 65.75

Runners Up Jan Darke/Kathy Dance 69,25

9 Holers Winners Di Garcia/Clair Franklin 38 c/b,

Runners Up Pip Cardno/ Jenni/Whittaker 38 c/b

Nearest the Pin 4th Kathy Dance/Jan Darke, 5th Lyn Lyne/Jo Whelan, 9 Holers 8th Alison Donaldson, 7th Allison Donaldson.

Gobblers. Pip Cardno

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday, Gavin Todd 28.5, Mike Woolveridge 29.5, Putts Rick Dance 13, Jim Miley 13, Barry Skeggs 13.

Friday, Ian Johnson 33, Kathy Dance 35.5 Putts Steve Kenny 14

A foursome was putting out on the green when a ball came bouncing over the crest of the hill, onto the green, and rolled to a holt 2 metres from the hole.

Unable to resist the temptation, one of the foursome picked up the ball and placed it in the hole.

Very soon a golfer came puffing over the hill.

“Excuse me, did any of you see a ball come your way?”

“Sure, a hell of a shot, it’s in the hole.”

“In the hole!” said the puffing golfer excitedly, turning to hi mate just appearing over the crest, “Hey, Len, it’s in the hole”, he yelled, “Put me down for a nine!”

Weekly Results 7th November 2020

Swansea Golf Club Results 7th November 2020

            The November Monthly Medal Stroke event was played in perfect conditions

            Monthly Medal Winner for the second time in a row, Byron Anderson 59.

            Div. I winner Stewart Moore 65 c/b, Runner Up Jack Hardcastle 65 c/b.

            Div. 2 winner Mal Sinclair 63, Runner Up John Quinn 64.

            Nearest the Pin 6th/15th Jan Darke, 8th/17th Ricky Wright, 9th/18th Peter Lea.

            Super Pin 4th/13th Ricky Wright 7th/16th Fran Dowling.

            Trophy Presentation Night Dinner 28th November, $35 per head bookings with Bruce Digney
Next Week Stableford.

4th November 2020

Ladies – Stableford – Club Trophy

18 Holers Winner, Alison Smith 39, Runner Up Sally Siepen 35

9 Holers Winner Jenny Whittaker 14, Runner Up Helen Hall 13.

Nearest the Pin 7th Helen Hall, 6th/15th Sally Siepen,4th/13th Pat Hardcastle, 8th/17th Alison Smith.

Birdies Lee Bennett, Gobblers Alison Smith.

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday, John Cotton 30.5 Putts Rod Smith 13

Friday, Shane Nichols 27.5, Chris Weeding 29.5 Putts Alvin Douglas 12

To celebrate the delayed US Masters this week. The building of Augusta National almost never happened, and it remained an economic burden through World War II: Founded at the beginning of the Great Depression, the original business plan called for 1,800 members, but when the first Masters was held in 1934, the club only had 76 paying members. The club couldn't afford to pay the first winner, Horton Smith, or any of the top finishers until 17 members chipped in for the purse. In 1946, the delivery of the winner's plaque to Herman Keiser was delayed to give time for the club and its members to pay for the silver.


Weekly Results 14th November 2020

Swansea Golf Club Results 14th November 2020

            This week’s stableford event was played in perfect conditions the course once again presented in in great condition.

            Overall Winner Rick Dance 40.

            Div. I Winner Peter Lea 38, Runner Up Jason Kerrison 34 c/b.

            Div. 2 Winner. John Quinn 36 c/b, Runner Up Mal Sinclair 36 c/b

            Nearest the Pin 5th/14th Pat Hardcastle, 8th/17th Rick Dance, 9th/18th Peter Lea.

            Super Pin 6th/15th Alvin Douglas, 7th/16th Paul Nunn.

            Next Week FOBS at Swansea 9.30 for 10.00

            Trophy Presentation Night Dinner 28th November, $35 per head bookings with Bruce Digney

11th November 2020

Ladies – Stableford – Club Trophy

18 Holers Winner, Pat Hardcastle 40, Runner Up Kathy Dance 39.

9 Holers Winner Alison Donaldson 13, Runner Up Clair Franklin 11.

Nearest the Pin 9 Holers 4th Alison Donaldson, 7th Linden Harris. 18 Holers 7th Lyn Lyne, 3rd Val Kemp.

Gobblers Alison Smith, Louise McKenna.

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday, Rod Smith 29,5, Keith Breheny 30, Putts Rod Smith 13.

Friday, Stewart Moore 26.5, Rick Dance 29.5, Steve Kenny 31.5, Barry Skeggs 31.5

Since the departure of Edward VIII from the throne of England in 1936, the Royal Family has displayed little interest in golf. Once the Duke of Edinburg was attending a charity tournament in which Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer were playing and was asked whether he had ever seen the great twosome play before. His reply put the Royal attitude to golf firmly in perspective.

“Oh yes,” said the Duke, “I’ve often seen them on television when I’ve been waiting for something else to come on.”

Weekly Results 31st October 2020

Swansea Golf Club Results 31st October 2020

            Today’s event played in perfect conditions with the course in great shape, was a stableford generously sponsored by the Swansea Exercise Group.

            Overall Winner, Angela Barden 37

            Div. I winner Stewart Moore 35 c/b, Runner Up Rick Dance 35 c/b.

            Div. 2 winner Jim Morris 36, Runner Up Fran Dowling 34.

            Nearest the Pin 6th/15th Val Kemp, 8th/17th Jan Darke.

            Super Pin 4th/13th Jim Morris, 7th/16th Val Kemp

            Birdies Nest won by Peter Lea on the 2nd.
Next Week Monthly Medal - Stroke

28th October 2020

Ladies – Monthly Medal – Stroke Stableford Eclectic

18 Holers Winner, Sally Siepen 64, Runner Up Val Kemp 65c/b.

9 Holers No Competition.

Nearest the Pin 4th/13th Jan Darke, 7th/16th Sally Siepen.

Gobblers Sally Siepen, Lee Bennett

Chicken Run (Scores Only)

Wednesday, Mike Woolveridge 30c/b, Putts Darryl Down 14, Ian Johnson 14

Friday, Ian Johnson 29, Putts Darryl Down 13, Tim Bond 13.

Did you Know

The legendary Sam Snead is the only male golfer to have won a tournament on the LPGA Tour. In 1962, he won the 1962 Royal Poinciana Plaza Invitational finishing with a 5 shot lead

In 1963 Jack Nicklaus became the youngest player to win The Masters. In 1986, Jack Nicklaus became the oldest player to win The Masters

The Augusta National Golf Club, the home of The Masters, was closed for 3 years during World War II to support the war effort. The course was used to raise cattle and turkey.

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