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Weekly Results 4 March 2017

Swansea Golf Club Report Saturday 4th March 2017


The Monthly Medal was played in ideal weather conditions. It proved to be a closely contested event with Fran Dowling winning on a count back from Vic Walton with excellent net scores of 58 strokes. Karl Wadley R. Wright 61, Max Hall, Murray Lethborg, Roger Green 62 and John Quinn 63 were the next best scores down the line. Nearest to the pin winners were Ricky Wright, Sally Siepen with Peter Lea collecting the prize for the “super pin”.

Congratulations to Jack Hardcastle who won the play off for the 2016 Medallist of Medallists.

Ricky Wright carded the best gross score of the day with 67.



F. Dowling 75/58 winner on count back from Vic Walton 76/58 K. Wadley R. Wright 61 M. Hall

M. Lethborg R. Green 62 J. Quinn 63.P.Lea A. Douglas  J Hardcastle 64 M. Sinclair S. Kenny 65 

J. Morris S. Siepen 66 V. Kemp T. Johnstone 67 D. Sinclair J. McKenna D.Down S. Longey 68

R. Smith 69P. Hardcastle 73 A. Smith 75

Chicken Run

WednesdayD. Down29.5 G. West 30 M. Woolveridge 30.5    Putts: M. Hall C Flynn J. Plunkett 13

Friday: C. Flynn 29.5 G West 30.      Putts: C. Flynn J. Plunkett T. Bond14



Saturday 25th March:FOBS at Swansea. Not as previously stated 18th.

Saturday 11th March: Stroke sponsored by Ray and Beryl Dart

Thursday 16th March :East Coast Veterans Visit to Longford

Saturday 18th March : Stableford Sponsored by Fran Dowling

Weekly Results 25 February 2017

Swansea Golf Club Report 25/2/2017

On a perfect day for golf 30 members turned out for a Canadian Foursome competition. Ricky and Kathy Dance fresh from their holiday cruise were in sparkling form with Ricky partnering Roger Green to win the day. Runners up were Kathy and her partner Gill Foster .


R Dance/R Green 53.5, K Dance/G Foster 54, R Fulton/R Inkster 54.5, S Kenny/J Quinn 54.5, R Wright/C Fahey 55.5, M Hall/S Siepen 57, K Wadley/A Smith57, Then came the rest of us.

Nearest the pins 7/16 Ladies Gill Foster,  8/17 Mens Ricky Dance


Coming Attractions

4TH March Monthly Medal including last years Medalist playoff.

11th March The Dart family day (stroke)

18th March FOBS Swansea?

25th March Francis Dowling Sponsored Stableford


Chris Weeding ( President )

Weekly Results 18 February 2017

Swansea Golf Club Report Saturday 18th February 2017


Saturday’s event was Stableford competition which was won by President Chris Weeding with an excellent score of 41 points. Ray Dart, Louise McKenna and Rod Smith all had rounds of 40 points, with Ray in second position on a count back from Louise in third spot on a count back from Rod who filled fourth position. Balls down the line were won by Pat Hardcastle 39, 

Max Hall, Marion Gittus and Chris Howell all on 38 points.


Due to the generosity of the Bark Mill Tavern there were six nearest to the pin prizes up for grabs. The winners were Peter Donaldson, Murray Lethborg, Alison Smith, Fran Dowling,

Mike Woolveridge and Marcus Skelly.


The play off for the 2016 Medallist of Medallists trophy will take place Saturday 4th March.

It will include Ricky Dance, Rob Curran, Mike Willett and John Cotton all other players have been notified.


RESULTS: C. Weeding 41 points R. Dart 40 c/b L. McKenna c/b R. Smith 40 P. Hardcastle 39

C. Howell M. Gittus M. Hall 38 R Green 37 M. Skelly D. Down 36 S. Kenny M. Woolveridge 

J. Quinn J. Hardcastle D. Sinclair35 T. Bond 34 V. Walton M. Lethborg F. Dowling S. Siepen 33

R. Bennett A. Smith 31 P. Donaldson 30 V. Kemp M. Sinclair27 J. Morris 22 R. Ingster 21

J. McKenna 20.


Coming Events:

Saturday 25th February: Canadian Foursome

Thursday 23rd February: East Coast Veterans  @ Swansea. Stableford. Summer Cup

Saturday 4th March: Monthly Medal including play off for Medallist of Medallists



John McKenna

Weekly Results 11 February 2017

Swansea Golf Club Report Saturday 11th February 2017


Thirty nine members and guests enjoyed playing an Ambrose teams ‘competition sponsored by WalnutAustralia. The team of Barry Skeggs, Louise McKenna and Ricky Wright with a net score of 48⅙ narrowly won from Marian Gittus, Jim Miley and Peter Lea on 48⅓. Third place featured Fran Dowling, Rod Smith and Byron Anderson with a round of 49⅓.


Nearest to the pin winners were Karl Wadley and Murray Lethborg. Winners of the “Bradman Award” were each presented with very handsome caps.


The Club is very appreciative of the generous sponsorship from Walnut Australia and the members expressed their thanks during the presentations.


As Captain, I would like to commend members for their strong support of the Saturday competitions and the highly successful mid- week “Chicken Runs”. The numbers supporting these events are extremely pleasing.


RESULTS:R. Wright L. McKenna B. Skeggs 48⅙ P. Lea M. Gittus J. Miley 48 ⅓ F. Dowling R. Smith B. Anderson 49⅓ M. Gall R. Curran S. Wright 50⅟2 Mark Hall P. Hardcastle M. Sinclair 51

E.J. Cotton Max Hall E. Allan 51⅓ S. Dart A. Smith G. West 51⅚ K.Wadley M. Woolveridge 

D. Kennedy 54 C. Weeding R. Fulton J. Quinn 54⅓ M. Lethborg G. Foster V. Kemp 54⅟2

I. Johnson A. Douglas T. Johnston 55 J. Hardcastle R. Inkster S. Kenny 55⅙ R. Dart J. Morris 

A. Fenney 58⅚


Coming Events:

Saturday 18th February: Stableford

Thursday 23rd February: East Coast Veterans  @ Swansea. Stableford. Summer Cup



John McKenna

Weekly Results 4 February 2017

Swansea Golf Club Report Saturday 4th February 2017


After an extended break from the sport, Val Kemp put up a great performance to win this month’s medal competition. Her round of net 58 was an outstanding result which is a reward for her positive attitude and passion for the sport. Close on her heels with an excellent round of   59was Jim Morris taking out second position from Jim Miley on a count back. Mal Sinclair 60, Louise McKenna, Jack Hardcastle 61, Fran Dowling and Tim Bond 62 also had very respectable rounds scoring under or equal to their handicaps.

There were six nearest to the pin winners due to the generosity of Tim Bond who provided the prizes. They included Mike Woolveridge, Louise McKenna, Val Kemp and Steve Dart with Marcus Skelly having success on both the 8th/17 and 9th/19th holes.The best gross score of 73was recorded by visitor Cam Stewart.

Next month’s medal competition will include the 2016 Medallist of Medallists  event.



V. Kemp 58 J. Morris 59 Jim Miley 59 M. Sinclair 60 L. McKenna J. Hardcastle 61 F. Dowling 

T. Bond 62 M. Skelly R. Dart 63 V. Walton K. Wadley S. Kenny D. Sinclair 64 M. Woolveridge 

M. Lethborg P. Donaldson 65 M. Hall D. Down 66 C. Stewart 68 R. Curran S. Siepen 69

P. Hardcastle72 S. Dart 73 M. Gittus 75 R. Inkster 80.


Coming Events:

Saturday 11th February: 3 person Ambrose

Saturday 18th February: Stableford


John McKenna

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