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Weekly Results 28 January 2017

Swansea Golf Club Report Saturday 28th January 2017

Saturday’s fixture was a Flag competition in which thirty five members turned up to play. Outstanding score of the day was recorded by John Quinn with a round of net 54. However, the winner of a flag competition is the player who finishes under par and plays on using the balance of their handicap to see who makes the longest distance with their extra strokes. Unfortunately for John, Karl Wadleywith a round of net 56 managed to outdistance him by a small margin. So congratulations to Karl and John on their impressive performances. Karl won the event with John claiming second spot. Mal Sinclair 58, Peter Donaldson, Ricky Wright and Ricky Dance With rounds of 60 also deserve recognition for their strong showing.

Nine players carded scores under their handicaps and received balls down the line. 

Nearest to the pin winners were Chris Fahey and Lyn Lyne with Fran Dowling collecting the cash for the ‘Super Pin”.

ResultsJ. Quinn 54 K. Wadley 56 M. Sinclair 58 R. Dance R. Wright P. Donaldson 60 F. Dowling S. Kenny C. Weeding 61 L. Lyne J. Morris 62 K. Dance R. Dart 63 P. Hardcastle J. McKenna G. West Max Hall C.Howell I. Wallace 64 M. Woolveridge 65 C. Fahey R. Smith 66 v. Kemp J. Hardcastle 67 W. Cargill P. Lea 68 D. Sinclair 69 R. Bennett 70 G. Foster S. Siepen Mark Hall 71 L. McKenna 72 S. Dart D. Down 73 V. Cleaves 78

Coming Events :

Saturday 4th February: Monthly Medal

Saturday 11th February: 3 person Ambrose

John McKenna

Weekly Results 21 January 2017

Swansea Golf Club Report Saturday 21st January 2017

Thirty two players turned out to contest the Summer Cup which was generously sponsored by 

Knight Frank Real Estate. The weather conditions were near perfect. The good rain on Thursday 

improved the playing conditions which added to the enjoyment of the competition.

Three players finished on the top score of 38 points with Ricky Wright winning on a count back from Max Hall who beat Jerome “Cheeky” Plunkett on a count back for the runner up position.

Wayne Cargill and Jayden Coleman both finished next best with rounds of 37. 

Nearest to the pin winners we John Cotton and Mal Sinclair.

Knight Frank’sAdele and Leanne were on hand to distribute the many prizes and generously provided the afternoon tea. Their contribution to the club is very much appreciated and the members expressed their thanks and appreciation during the presentations.


R Wright M. Hall J. Plunkett 38 points W. Cargill J. Coleman 37 R. Smith J. Quinn T. Bond 

R. Dart 36 B. Skeggs L. Lyne E.J. Cotton 35 M. Woolveridge G. West J. McKenna 34 S. Kenny

C. Howell F. Dowling 33 P. Lea G. Foster A. Smith S. Siepen 32 M. Gittus31 L. McKenna 30

D. Sinclair M. Sinclair  J. Morris D. Down 29 V. Kemp G. Todd 27 A. Douglas T. Douglas 23

Coming Events :

Saturday 29th January: Flag/ stroke

Saturday 4th February: Monthly Medal

Weekly Results 14 January 2017

Swansea Golf Club Report Saturday 14th January 2017


Saturday’s event was a stroke competition sponsored by the Mckillop Family.

With the exception of the overall winner the event was played in two divisions. Chris Weeding played out of his socks to take the overall winner’s prize with a net 56. Players were only eligible to win one prize. Visitor Gary Read won Division 1 with a round of net 57 with Max Hall and Karl Wadley equal second with net 63. Division 2 winner was Peter Donaldson on 62 and runner up was Steve Kenny 63. Sally Siepen was victorious in the putting competition and Barry Skeggs won the stableford contest.


Nearest to the pin winners were Ricky Wright, Rod Smith Marion Gittus and Paul Morris.

The recent passing of Doug McKillop made the event particularly significant and the Club sincerely thanks the family for the very generous sponsorship.

Thanks also to Steve Dart, Bev Digney and club members who prepared the food which the members enjoyed during the day.



Overall winner C. Weeding net 56

Div 1G. Read 57 M. Hall K. Wadley 63 R. Dance 64M. Lethborg 65 S. Siepen 66 F. Dowling 67

P. Harris 68 B. Anderson 70J. Richardson 71R. Wright 71

Div 2  P. Donaldson 62 S. Kenny 63 B. Skeggs 64 M. Sinclair 64 A. Smith 65 R. Smith 67 

D. Sinclair68 I. Wallace 69 D. Down 69M. Gittus 69J. McKenna 69 K. Dance 70 L. McKenna 71

R. Dart 72.

Coming Events:  

Thursday 19th January: East Coast Veterans  @ Fingal.

Saturday 21st January:  Summer Cup sponsored by Knight Frank Real Estate, Stableford .

John McKenna 


Weekly Results 31 December 2016

Stableford Results 31 December 2016

A field old 24 players contested the Stableford event and the weather was prefect for golf.

Results.  Winner Di Sinclair on 40 points after a count back, and the Runner up was Karl Wadley on 40.

Next best were Steve Dart 39, and Darrel Down, Ian Wallace, Ricky Wright, Ricky Dance and Sally Siepen all on 38 points.

coming events.

1st January...Monthly Medal


Weekly Results 07 January 2017

Swansea Golf Club Report Saturday 7th January 2017

The Monthly Medal was the first competition for 2017 in which twenty five players turned up to compete. Weather conditions were hot and challenging but most members managed to complete the course.

The winner was Mal Sinclair with a round of 82/58 on a count back from Max Hall 76/58.Both players are to be congratulated on their performance. John McKenna net 59, Matt Gall 60 and Mark Hall 62 won balls down the line. Mark also carded the best Gross score of the day with a 67.

Nearest to the pin winners  were Mark Hall Super Pin, Alison Smith and Ricky Dance. 

Members were saddened to hear of the passing of member and sponsor Doug McKillop and past member Yvonne Gathercolerecently. The President and members extend their heartfelt condolences to both families.

The Secretary has sent Annual fees and Annual General Meeting notices to all members. Members are strongly encouraged to take an active part in choosing the committee that they wish to elect for 2017/8.

Results: M. Sinclair Max Hall 58, J. McKenna 59, M. Gall 60. Mark Hall 62, R. Wright C. Howell D. Down 63, W. Cargill 64, B. Anderson A. Smith S. Siepen R. Dance J. Morris 65, R. Dart L. McKenna 67, J. Coleman 68,R. Smith G. West  69, S. Longey P. Donaldson 71, S. Kenny D. Sinclair 72

Coming Events:  

Saturday 14th January Doug McKillop’s Sponsored day,  Stroke

Sunday  15th January: 3 person Ambrose @ Murraville Golf Club ‚Äč

Saturday 21st January:  Summer Cup sponsored by Knight Frank Real Estate, Stable ford


John McKenna 


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