WOW… where do we begin!!

Firstly, we wish to thank all our amazing sponsors who donated prizes for our very successful raffle
along with prizes for our golfers who were lucky enough to score one! 
Sharp Airlines
Cape Wickham Golf Course
Country Club Tasmania
Bryce Gorham Golf Centre
Pennicott Wilderness Journeys
Skyline Sheds Tasmania Pty Ltd
Drummond Golf Cambridge
Piermont Retreat
Waterloo Hotel
Waterloo Restaurant (Bruce & Bev Digney)
Swansea Motor Inn
Melshell Oyster Shack
Saltshaker Restaurant
Our lucky Raffle Winners:
Sharp Airlines & Cape Wickham Golf – Peter Bond
Country Club Casino & Bryce Gorham Golf – Rosanne Coates
Waterloo Restaurant Voucher – $200 – Nigel Hume
Waterloo Restaurant Voucher – $200 – Lyn Lyne
Six Bottles Local Wine – Wayne Latham
Thank you to Tim Bond our Licensee for his dedication and hard work, Steve Dart and other committee members who assisted with serving behind the bar.
Thank you to Sally Siepen, Wilbur, and Maria Nunn for cooking our BBQ lunch on Friday and Saturday.
Thank you to the Golden Roast for our delicious dinner on Saturday night and to Robbie’s Pizzas for his yummy pizzas for Sunday lunch.
Thank you to our many volunteers, Mal Sinclair, Derek Ring, Steve Mortimer, Gavin Todd, Ricky Wright, Tony Johnstone, John Barker and Rick Dance who so tirelessly work on our beautiful course to ensure it is maintained to the best it can be.
To our members who attend whenever we put a call out for a working bee – you are all amazing, thank you!
Thank you to our members and all other participants who came along to support our June Long Weekend Tournament – we sincerely thank you and hope you enjoyed your games; without you the weekend would not have been so successful.
To my off-sider Christine, couldn’t have done without you buddy!!
We look forward to seeing you all again next year!
Participating numbers were:
Friday – Vets – 22
Saturday – Singles – 76
Sunday – Canadian Foursomes – 82
Monday – Mixed Canadian Foursomes – 38
Friday 9th June 2023 – Vets WINNERS
Gross Winner: Ricky Dance – 71
Gross Runner-up: Nick Williams – 75
Nett Winner: Peter Dodge – 64 C/B
Nett Runner-up: John Barker – 65 – C/B Ricky Dance – 64
Nearest the Pin – 7th/16th Nigel Hume
Nearest the Pin – 4th/13th Rod Smith
Nearest the Pin – 8th/17th Damien Rainbird
Nearest the Pin – 9th/18th Gary Read
Saturday 10th June 2023 – Stroke
Gross Overall Winner Bryan Sackley – 68
Nett Swansea Overall Winner: Tim Bond – 63
Division 1 – Nett Winner:   0-12 Nigel Hume – 62
Division 1 – Nett Runner-up:   0-12 Tim Bond – 63
Division 2 – Gross Winner:  13-20 Steve Dart – 78
Division 2 – Nett Winner:  13-20 Miles Clark – 65 C/B
Division 2 – Nett Runner-up:  13-20 Neale Hodge – 66 C/B
Division 3 –  Gross Winner:  21 + Steve Mortimer – 95
Division 3 –  Nett Winner:  21 + Jamie Imer – 66
Division 3 – Nett Runner-up: 21 + Phil Barker – 72
Nearest the Pin – 7th/16th Wayne Quarrell
Nearest the Pin – 4th/13th Rod Scott
Nearest the Pin – 8th/17th Sally Cottrell
Nearest the Pin – 9th/18th Graham Hills
Eagle – 15th Bruce Anderson
Sunday 11th June 2023 – Canadian Foursomes
Gross Winners: James Pyke & Roger Kennywell – 62
Gross Runners-up: Garry Quarrell & Bryan Sackley – 64
Nett Winners: Marcus Skelly & Royce Brougham -59.875
Nett Runners-up Steve Dart & Corry Van Den Broek – 60.525
Nearest the Pin – 7th/16th Garry Quarrell
Nearest the Pin – 3rd/12th Bryan Sackley
Nearest the Pin – 4th/13th Wendy Pearson
Nearest the Pin – 9th/18th Eagle -Wayne Quarrell & Andrew Paul
Monday 12th June 2023 – Mixed  Foursomes
Gross Winners: Maryanne & Brad Ennis – 74
Gross Runners-up: Maria Cooper & Mark Johnson – 77
Nett Winners – Hollingsworth Trophy Steve Dart & Lee Bennett – 72 – 60
Nett Runners-up: Christine Ring & Trent Gray – 79 – 65.125
Nearest the Pin – 7th/16th Pat Hardcastle
Nearest the Pin – 4th/13th Trent Gray
Nearest the Pin – 8th/17th Rick Dance